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Start a New Show

All timeslots on the Radio Waterloo Schedule highlighted with green (*, %) or yellow (#) are available for you to Start A New Show!

We’re especially looking for people to host shows on Country Music, Classical Music, Jazz, Blues, and even Easy Listening or Acoustic Music! Subsidies are available to make Community Radio available to everyone!

Radio Waterloo offers a unique opportunity for anyone to broadcast on FM radio and aims to provide a space for community voices to be heard. Unlike commercial radio, CKMS-FM is a non-profit broadcaster. Aside from that, CKMS is a very innovative radio station, offering multiple modern ways to get your content on the air:

Bob Jonkman, Jeff Stager, and Brian Doucet in the studio at the microphones
Bob Jonkman, Jeff Stager, and Brian Doucet
  • Make use of our studio space which includes everything you need including DJ equipment. We provide all the training with no experience or previous technical skill required.
  • If you are already producing a podcast, add a new dimension to it by being on the FM dial. You can upload and schedule your content, even for a time when you are not available to do it live.
  • Be heard on FM radio, Rogers digital cable channel 946, online live stream, blog and podcast hosting.
  • Stream live to air from any event or your home studio through the internet.

CKMS is the “Sound of the Community”. As a community station we run as a co-op where each programmer helps to fund the station. These funds are used to keep the station running. Shows often use sponsors to offset the fees.  If you’re ready to start a show on CKMS here are a few simple steps to get started:

  1. Check out the Radio Waterloo ScheduleRadio Waterloo Schedule and look for an open (coloured) time slot. If no open slot currently works, you can still get trained and put on the waiting list for a show. You will be able to fill-in for other DJs until a slot becomes available.
  2. Complete the Start A Show on CKMS form. It will be sent to our Programming Coordinator, who will contact you to attend a training session.
    • Your first training session is free, with no obligation.
    • You will learn how to operate the audio control board, the computer, LibreTime program scheduler, the video switcher, the CDs and turntables, and generally learn good radio technique.
    • Before your program goes on-air you will need to attend a second training session, join Radio Waterloo and pay your membership and programming fees.
  3. Secure your fees:
    • Join Radio Waterloo as a member! Yearly membership is $24; $2/month for each show host will be added to your programming fee, or a co-host can join for the entire year for $24.
    • Request an invoice indicating your time slot, what date you are starting, contact info  (email and phone #) from
    • Pay the first and second months’ programming fees with the link on the invoice

Programming Fees

Prime Time Off-Peak Hours
6am-9am and 2pm-midnight weekdays, 6am-midnight weekends Midnight-6am and 9am-2pm weekdays, midnight-6am weekends
$30/month for 1 hour weekly show $15/month for 1 hour weekly show

Off-peak discount (50%), alternate week (50%) or monthly (25%) discounts can be combined, but the minimum fee is $15/month. Example: A 1-hour show is $30, plus 50% for alternate weeks makes that $15, plus off-peak scheduling is still $15.

Subsidies are available to make Community Radio available to everyone.

Please complete this form:

Start A Show on CKMS

Next Steps:

  1. Our Programing Coordinator will get back to you with your new show’s approval.
  2. Get your training. We will set you up with an experienced programmer that will help your show get started.
  3. Submit your Fees.
  4. Start your show!

Online Community

There are many ways to get involved and contribute here at CKMS. Once your show is going and you are ready, you may want to post show notes or a podcast on the Radio Waterloo website, participate on the Radio Waterloo Facebook page, chat with your listeners on the Listen Now page, post on the @RadioWaterloo Twitter feed, @ckms102.7fm on Instagram &c.

The Programming Committee hosts a “Drop-In Session” during training, every Sunday from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. Join us to hang out with fellow programmers, pick up some tips and tricks on remote broadcasting, podcasting, or preparing show notes and CRTC log sheets, and help out new CKMS programmers who have come for their first training sessions. We meet online at

CKMS-FM Radio Training Manual

View the Google Doc.

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