In a Coma, Vehicles Beyond, Lizard Tree, Still Life Fast Moving

Check out our weekend podcast above where our sub-theme was “Green” albums – to add as leaves on our #ConceptAlbum mosaic. We might record our podcasts this way moving forward….still experimenting! If you have a preference let us know:

Album:  In A Coma
Artist: Matthew Good
Year: 2005
Notes:  Probably one of Canada’s best musicians! Between the years of 1995-2005 Matt Good could do no wrong! Check it out here!

Album: Vehicles Boyond
Artist: Kitchens & Bathrooms
Year: 2003
Notes:  These guys were a fantastic band from Hamilton. I picked up this album years ago at one of their show before I ever knew about “Math Rock” I saw them perform a few times….great album. Might be hard to find! Check it out in the podcast above!

Album:  Lizard Tree
Artist: Green Tree Frogs
Year: 2018
Notes:  Enjoy a day at the lizard tree with the Green Tree frogs! You can download this album free here:

Album: Still Life Fast Moving
Artist: Mean Red Spiders
Year: 2003
Notes:  I found out about these guys when we played in Toronto. Possibly opened for this band. They were classified as alternative, shoegaze. I found them to be awesome! I have a few of their albums. In playing this album I found out they had released an album in 2014 that I’ve got to check out!

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