Indek Khut ma Indek Sheel

show logoIndek Khut ma Indek Sheel presents the Sudanese music and culture with a brief analyses of songs and cultural practices from different regions in Sudan. In addition, it makes connections with the youth and adults to tackle some cultural challenges, questions, concerns that they face in Canada in order to better cope with Canadian core values such as democracy, peace, freedom of faith, respect of the law and local regulations, cross-cultural relationships, social responsibility as good citizens, etc. English is the main language of the show. Also, the show makes interviews with opinion leaders of the Sudanese community in Canada and  from Sudan, musicians, artists, etc.

Indek Khut ma Indek Sheel is a famous motto in Sudan that means “if you have money you can donate, but if you don’t have money, you can take what you need from this unguarded basket.” It was coined by young women and men in the famous Sit-in that took place in front of the Sudanese Armed Forces Headquarters in Khartoum in 2019 and continued for months. It was ended up by a massacre against protesters on Monday June 3, 2019, more tragically in the Holly Month, Ramadan. The Sudanese  widely accuse The Military and Rapid Support Forces, both of them are in power now in Sudan,  of committing this humanity crime.

This program is not intended for donations or any financial purposes, but it uses this motto,  as a representation of the Sudanese major traditions of collective work for public interest, social cooperation and integration, and promotion of of the Sudanese identity.

Indek Khut ma Indek Sheel is not currently on the schedule.

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