Klausterfokken Playlist for April 17th, 2023, 10pm-Midnight ET

Artist – Song Title
Mason Tikl – Klausterfokken Opener
Nothing More – Tired of Winning
Nothing More – Ships in the Night
The Algorithm & Extra Terra – Latent Noise
Sleep Token – Hypnosis
Their Dogs Were Astronauts – Pendulum
The Ocean – Parabiosis
Striatum – Humanity
Porcupine Tree – Normal
Cynic – Veil of Maya
Ace Kinkaid – Marrow, My Love
Dream Theater – Octavarium
Figure – Power Move
Haken – Eyes of Ebony
What’s He Building in There? – Holy Shit, the Droid is Missing
Ninjaspy – Become Nothing
Sevendust – Fence

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