Last Week’s Schedule

CKMS Program
CKMS Replay #
PSAs & Ads ^
Syndicated %
Available *


Looking to see what you’ve missed? That’s right, this is last week’s schedule! If you’d like to be up-to-date, check this week’s Radio Waterloo Schedule.

For a description of each show, please see the About Our Shows page or click on the name below.


Colour Symbol Meaning
White (none) Original CKMS programming
Yellow # CKMS replayed shows
Blue ^ Public Service Announcements and Advertisements
Green % Syndicated programs (shows produced at other radio stations). Available for new shows!
Green * Available for new shows!
Red $ Pre-empted – The regularly scheduled show has been pre-empted for a special presentation
White times  + Prime time hours (6am-9am and 2pm-midnight daily, 6am-midnight weekends)
Shaded times  – Off-peak hours (midnight-6am and 9am-2pm daily, midnight-6am weekends)

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