Listen For Smooth Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ Saturday April 1 9 AM

After broadcast on SoundCloud

Astrocolor Singularity MOONLIGHTING 2023
Matt Lee Hookline SINGLE 2023
Bill Colletti Private Party SINGLE 2023
Tape Five with Majela Qban Soul Dime Como Amor SINGLE 2023
Mack Holland I Want You Back SINGLE 2023
Erisa Nicole Fresh SINGLE 2023
Jazz Holdouts Piermont Nights SINGLE 2023
George Duke Shine On [Dream On 1982]
George Duke Lady [‘round Midnight 2004] GEORGE DUKE GOLD 1996
Allison Au Quartet Morning WANDER WONDER
Nick Maclean Quartet Verboten SINGLE 2023
Kevin Flournoy You’re All I Need SINGLE 2022

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