Annual General Meeting – 17 August 2019

Radio Waterloo Inc. Annual General Meeting

17 August 2019 at 1:00pm

Held at the 2nd Floor “Games Room”, 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener, Ontario

Agenda and Presentation: (PDF, 215 kBytes)

  • Agenda

  1. Welcome from President, Nat Persaud
  2. Approve 2018 AGM minutes
  3. New Logging process
  4. Programming hours growth (chart)
  5. 2019 – 2020 Budget Proposal
  6. Election of Directors
  7. Members’ Forum
  8. Adjournment


  • Attendance


Nat Persaud, Dan Kellar, Jordan Dorans, Rob McKenna, Bob Jonkman, Chris Sherren, Jeff Stager, Indira Singh, Alex Smart, Narendra Grover, Andy Nagpal.


Adam Cross, Milan Majstorovic, Dylan Bravener, Raph Kanai, Carmelo Farruggio.




  • Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 1:23pm by Nat Persaud.


  • Introductory remarks by Nat Persaud, President.
  • Review of Agenda.
  • Year In Review.
  • Next Year plans.

Approve 2018 AGM minutes

  • Motion: Dan Kellar; Second: Narendra Grover
    • Bob Jonkman requests corrections to attendance list, full names, shows.
    • Vote: Passed with amendments.

New Logging Process

  • Jordan Dorans, Program Director.
  • Compliance needs logging.
  • Cleaning up schedule.
  • Updating online library with codes (easier for logging).
  • Compliance tools available in the Google Drive.
  • Link to “Logging Needs for Programmers” (requires login).
    • Link may change as form is improved.
    • Submissions will be on request by Prog Comm, not everything will be collected.
    • Submission process is still a work in progress.
    • Program requirements (eg. CanCon for English language programing, CanCon for foreign language programming, program category) will be listed at the link.
  • These logs are also useful for SOCAN audit, as well as CRTC logging requirements.
  • There will be a mass e-mail sent to all programmers when this is ready.

Programming Hours Growth 

  • Rob McKenna, Music Director.
  • Programming revenue continues to exceed operational expenses.
  • Less of an increase this year because of low-demand hours, bi-weekly shows.
  • Programming is increased by outreach events, eg. Live-To-Air, Multicultural Festival.

2019-2020 Budget Proposal

  • Nat Persaud, President.
  • Review of 2018-2019 budget.
    • Membership Fees look to be increased due to new accounting system.
    • Programmers also need to pay membership fees, now included in programming fees.
  • Proposed 2019-2020 budget.
    • Expect to have more programs, more programming fees.
    • New expense categories: Board Discretionary, Membership Recognition.
  • Motion to approve budget: Narendra Grover, second: Indira Singh.
  • Discussion: Members do not necessarily have programs, so there are separate budget lines for programming fees and membership fees.
  • Passed.

Election of Directors

  • Eleven Board members, for gender diversity two must identify as non-male.
  • Six members to be elected for a two-year term, one must identify as non-male.
  • Responsibilities: Meet once a month to discuss station issues; Board members work on Action items and perform Committee work; Weekly Liaisons to work with programmers for a particular weekday.
  • Nomination

The following members have accepted nominations to the Board of Directors:

  • Andy Nagpal,
  • Indira Singh,
  • Dan Kellar, 
  • Bob Jonkman (starting in November 2019), 
  • Jordan Dorans, 
  • Narendra Grover,

The Board members are acclaimed to their positions. There will be a brief Board of Directors meeting after the AGM.

Chris Sherren volunteers to take the role of Secretary from September to November.

Members Forum

  • Need a new keyboard in the studio: ACTION: Dan Kellar will bring spares.
  • Air Conditioning: Additional ventilation will be installed to push air into the room. 
    • Can we have a ceiling fan? Will be considered.
  • Bathroom: The landlord has not been in touch. There is another unit on the first floor that has a bathroom, but not in good shape. We can maintain the first-floor bathroom.
  • Need better lighting: There is a task light attached to the equipment rack, and a desk lamp in the studio lounge. ACTION: Indira will bring lightbulbs.
  • Need a clock, ACTION: Indira will bring one.


Motion to adjourn: Jordan Dorans;  second: Andy Nagpal.


AGM adjourned at 2:15pm.


Minutes taken by Bob Jonkman.


Radio Waterloo