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New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #23

What’s up, y’all? I’m finally tackling email submissions! Here is what I have added to Libretime this week (and please note two of the submissions will be added once embargos are up, I have everything ready for that):

Cash Cobain & Bay Swag Fisherrr – Single Hip Hop/Rap NSFR No
Chantel Acda & The Atlantic Drifters Silently Held Jazz No
Jared Esko Edge of the World/Let the Demons Out – Single Rock Indeterminable
Guy Plecash You Are Good – Single Blues CanCon
Mr. Henry Preludes to Nowhere Singer-Songwriter Indeterminable
Sunglaciers Mothland Punk Will not be added until March 29th CanCon
Various Artists Reaction Music Showcase 2024 Rock No
Nadah El-Shazy Les Damnes Le Pleurent Pas Soundtrack CanCon
Bryana Helena No Good No More – Single R&B NSFR (partial) Indeterminable
Common Goldfish Siren Songs – Single Pop No
Katie Foote SPRING – Single Pop No
Parkway Cinema THE MOVIE SONG (DEMO) – Single Pop-Punk CanCon
Jonathan Noel Life or Death – Single Rock CanCon
E A P Hyacinth Blue Rock CanCon/KWCon
Colin Lillie Honkytonk Southern Sky/The Ballad of Evey – Single Rock No
Spirit’n’Jazz Freedom Jazz No
Various Artists Dissident Selections 3 Electronic/Progressive No
Allen Dobb Alone Together Folk CanCon
Andre Ward Planet Earth – Single Jazz Indeterminable
Romeo Johnson Til Tomorrow – Single R&B Indeterminable
One Ugly Tomorrow Canadian Bacon – Single Rock CanCon
Sam Kruger Burial Grounds – Single Folk CanCon
Gentle Sparrow Whole Folk Will not be added until March 27th CanCon
Norwegian Soft Kitten Aggression Level: Medium Alternative No
Norwegian Soft Kitten Sunshine on Lava Alternative No
Norwegian Soft Kitten On Loan From the Universe Alternative No
Lone Jabroni Align Alternative No
The Adral Project Let Me Go Rock CanCon
Enyonam Self Conscious – Single R&B CanCon
Kristen Miller & Alise Ashby The Gift New Age No
Adjustable Mustard Adjustable Mustard Single Rock No
Just a Leo Change Your Life – Single Electronic No

Here is tomorrow’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


E A P – 1984 (in search of being)
The Adral Project – Lay Down
Sam Kruger – Burial Grounds
Allen Dobb – Daylight’s Burnin
One Ugly Truth – Canadian Bacon
Guy Plecash – You are Good
Parkway Cinema – The Movie Song (Demo)
Jonathan Noel – Life or Death
Jared Esko – Let the Demons Out
Human Renegade – I Wrote This Song Because the Thought of Seeing You Kiss Him Makes Me Sick
Common Goldfish – Siren Songs
Norwegian Soft Kitten – Aggression Level: Medium
Lone Jabroni – Align
Adjustable Mustard – Willie
Colin Lillie – Honkytonk Southern Sky
Mr. Henry – Lone Star
Katie Foote – Spring
Kalle Mattson – New Romantics
Marin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Chocolate Jesus
Thunderclap! – Hospital Wedding
Mississippi Live & The Dirty Dirty – The Girl Who Never Was
Colter Wall – Ballad of a Law Abiding Sophisticate
Husky – Ruckers Hill
Foreign Diplomats – Lily’s Nice Shoes!
Sego – Psychobabble
Yukon Blonde – Make U Mine
Lyric Dubee – Cheap Wine and Roses
Dave Gunning – a Tractor
Philip Bosely – Fire Never Goes Out
Like Pacific – 105 McCaul St.
Them County Bastardz – Metal for Mark
Kanada Day – Crime Minister

See y’all next time!

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