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New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #26

What’s up, y’all? Posting a day early because my schedule for tomorrow might get a bit goofy. Here’s what I have added to Libretime since last Sunday:

Yester Daze Nothing, Perfectly Rock CanCon
Lynne Hanson Just a Poet Singer-Songwriter CanCon
Jon Gordon 7th Ave South Jazz CanCon
Gabriel Genest As It Is Jazz CanCon
Brandi Behlen Bad Boy, Good Man – Single Country No
Roalie James Soft Target – Single Pop No
Cheyanne Summer Please – Single Country CanCon
Jade Turner That Wind – Single Singer-Songwriter CanCon
Jake Vaadeland Retro Man… More and More Singer-Songwriter CanCon
The Anti-Queens Disenchanted Punk Track 13 labelled as NSFR out of an abundance of caution CanCon
Kari Van Der Kloot Window Jazz No
Antenna93 You’re Not Made for This Business Punk CanCon
Demi Jordanae How Did We Get Here (Acoustic Version) – Single Pop CanCon
Demi Jordanae Smell Like You – Single Pop CanCon
Demi Jordanae I Never Do – Single Pop CanCon
Marika Lejon Forbidden – Single Pop No
Alex Henry Foster Kimiyo Alternative CanCon
Tom X. Chao Statement of Intent Rock No
Clay Hazey Clay Hazey EP Folk CanCon
The Mirrors The Mirrors Punk CanCon
Steve Purcell I’m Ready – Single Rock No
Lori Yates Matador Country CanCon
Franc O’Cher Hey Beautiful – Single Pop CanCon
Meela Empty Nights – Single Pop CanCon
Meela Intoxicated Love -Single Pop CanCon
Meela Paris Nights – Single Pop CanCon
Meela Slip Right Pass – Single Pop CanCon
The Wesleys The Wesleys Rock Track 4 labelled as NSFR out of an abundance of caution CanCon
Mary Frances Leahy First Light Classical CanCon
Lizard the Bird Close the Curtains – Single Rock CanCon
Lizard the Bird Is It My Body? – Single Rock CanCon
Lizard the Bird Who Told You? – Single Rock CanCon
Lizard the Bird You Don’t Own Me – Single Rock CanCon
Axiome Tse – EP Indie Rock CanCon
Axiome Axiome Indie Rock CanCon
Andrew Sue Wing Violet Skies R&B No
DUTE Slowly – Single Pop No
Brad Strang Tripping Off to Mars Folk CanCon
Soleil Searching – Single Jazz CanCon
Soleil Time of Darkness Jazz CanCon

Here’s tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Tom X Chao – Moving Back to Hollywood
The Wesleys – Radio Circus
Yester Daze – Hanging by a Thread
The Mirrors – Oarfish
Clay Hazey – As Long As You’re Beside Me
Stephen Hamm/Theremin Mann – Star People
Marshall Jacklin – Salt
Ruth Moody – Michigan
Lizard the Bird – Is It My Body?
The Silverbeets – My Utopian Dystopia
Cam Blake – Russian Roulette
Garrett Neiles – Heaven in my Hands
Pixie Moonshine – Aphterbirth
Needrock – Pretty Babe
Alex Henry Foster – Autumnal Processions
Brad Strang – Tap Your Toes
Soleil – Time of Darkness
Brenda Earle Stokes – Loose Tooth Blues
Sarrah Jerom – Part IV: The White Elk
Dan Loomis – Centaur of the Plains
Ruth Saphir – Hand-Me-Down Clothes
Anthony D’Alessandro – Blues for the Down and Out
Jon Gordon – Ed’s Groove
Gabriel Genest – Kairos
Kari Van Der Kloot – Sprout
Daniel Janke Winter Trio – Man of Constant Sorrow
Mary Frances Leahy – Dinner at 8

See y’all next time!

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