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New Music Added to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #5

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine by now! First, new music I’ve added to LibreTime in the past week:

The Shang Golden Hits of the Shang Industrial Folk CanCon
Paper Beat Scissors Parralel Line Chamber Folk CanCon/KWCon
Kevin Dean and the Big City Wrangles Sunset Trail Jazz CanCon
Yes We Mystic Felsenmeer Unknown Indeterminable
Andrew Vivona 10 Other Times Other Indeterminable
Peach Pyramid Bright Blue (EP) Indie Rock CanCon
Family Video Forever Changes Overnight Pop CanCon
Pecade 7-Psalms-7-Sins Metal CanCon
Tyler Gilbert Underdog Hard Rock CanCon
Illyrian The Entity, Unknown Thrash Metal/Death Metal CanCon
Ennis Sisters Keeping Time Pop CanCon
Motherhood Dear Bongo Rock CanCon
Kathryn Ladano Masked Other CanCon
Gentlemen of the Woods The Great Unknown Other CAnCon
Pink Noise Avenue Alternative CanCon
Amy Nelson Educated Woman Country CanCon
Heather Bambrick fine state Pop CanCon
Twink Think Pink IV Return to Deep Space CanCon
The Small Glories Assiniboine & the Red Pop CanCon
Atsuko Chiba Trace Indie Rock Indeterminable
Black Mastiff Loser Delusions Rock CanCon
Chron Goblin Here Before Rock CanCon
Robert Ross It’s Never Too Late Country CanCon
Bernard Adamus C’qui Nous Reste du Texas Traditional CanCon
Frantically Atlantic Maggie in the Woods Country/Folk CanCon
David Bosma Running Beside Myself – Single Rock/Pop CanCon
Mr. Merlot City Sex, Vol. 2 Dance/House CanCon
Fly Pan Am Frontera Indie Rock CanCon
Gone Cosmic Sideways in Time Rock CanCon
Highly Distorted #Studiohouse Pop Indeterminable
Adrian Chalfour Joy Rock CanCon
Pyramids on Mars Edge of the Black Progressive Rock/Metal CanCon
Zachary Lucky Midwestern Country CanCon
The Golden Seals Something Isn’t Happening Rock CanCon
Doug Smith I Am Canadian Country CanCon
Charles Boyd Massive Success Indie Rock No
Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade Just Like a Woman: Songs of Bob Dylan Folk/Blues/Rock/Singer-Songwriter/Covers CanCon
Garett Gunderson Constellations Rock CanCon
Vandana Vishwas Kabeera the Thinker Sugam Sangeet CanCon
Swamp Music Players Tiki Motel 2 Swamp Rock CanCon

Here’s this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

David Bosma – Running Beside Myself
Swamp Music Players – Under New Mgmt
Garett Gunderson – No Pants Romance
Pecade – Sadistic Priest
Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown
Tyler Gilbert – Rock in the Road
Vandana Vishwas – Mann Lago
Mr. Merlot – Love’s Going to Get You Again
Kevin Dean and the Big City Wrangles – Roundup Lullaby
Lal – Wildflowers
Tetrix – Lost in Space
Bywater Call – Arizona
Whatshisface – Standards and Practices
Ponemah – Where There Floodline Goes
Ben Caplan – Student Song
Girlfriends & Boyfriends – Memento Mori
The Reed Effect – Mad Dog
The Stonehouse Band – Murdered on Stolen Ground
Taken by Sanity – Saturn Boys
Kilmore – Firestone
Evan Cheadle – Ice Water
Nick Doneff – Stick to the Plan
Great Aunt Ida – Horses
Craig Cardiff – Greyhound, SK
Bernard Adamus – Fuck You Mon amour
Paper Beat Scissors – Gun Shy

See y’all next week!

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