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New Music Added to Libretime + The Horizon Broadening Hour #25

What’s up, y’all? I’m back at the helm of the Horizon Broadening Hour, but first up, here is what I have added to Libretime in the past week:

The Silverbeets Mr. Brown Goes to the Cabaret Indie Rock No
Sierra Blacc Did Different – Single Pop CanCon
Sierra Blacc Crazy – Single Pop CanCon
Sierra Blacc Mile From an Inch – Single Pop CanCon
Sierra Blacc Thxnk You – Single Pop CanCon
Michael Botte Band Radiate – Single Pop No
DVTR Les Flics – Single Punk NSFR CanCon
Bargain Shoppers Club Sharing a Laugh With my Friends on a Saturday Afternoon Rock No
Anthony D’Alessandro Searchin’ Jazz CanCon
Dun-Dun Band Pita Parka Pt. 1: Xam Egdub Jazz CanCon
Caroline Parke Look Me In the Eye, Love – Single Singer-Songwriter CanCon
Sierra Blacc I Don’t Mind – Single Pop CanCon
Mantarochen In the Badgers Cave Rock No
Annie Gallup Did You Hear the Red-Winged Blackbird? Folk Partial
Marshall Jacklin Salt – Single Alternative CanCon
Katie and the Bad Sign Cruel to Me – Single Blues No
Love, Builder of Worlds Scared for the Climate – Single Punk No
Glenn Sutter Truth and Lies Folk CanCon
Stephen Ham/Theremin Man Songs for the Future Electronic CanCon
Benjamin Russell & Greg Fraser Ghost Particles – EP Electronic CanCon
Marissa Burwell Catch and Release – Single Pop CanCon
Electric Religious Stole My Money – Single Pop CanCon
Junk x Massia Serena Williams – Single Hip Hop Explicit and Clean Versions Available Indeterminable
Lucy MacNeil Angel’s Whisper Folk CanCon
Ruth Moody Wanderer Folk CanCon
Denise Marsa Kiss Me in the Rain – Single Pop No
Denise Marsa Rainbow – Single Pop No
Needrock Needrock Rock No
Michael Botte Band My Way – Single Country No
Minuit Phosphene Les enfants fous brillent dans le noir Pop CanCon

Here’s tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Conner Quinn – 13 Philosophers Walking Out of the Lexicon
Blue Freezie – Goth Girls
Amanda Braam – November’s Night
The Whythouse – Coffee?
Madison Galloway – Freedom
White Rabbit – Cold Soup
Alamodality – Good Place, Kitty
Chester Moon – Let’s Just Run
The Tortoise and My Hair – leaving on the midnite train to Memphis 5
Wounded Dog – The Endless One
Wet Heaven – Deja You
Geres – Divinity
Connor Roff – Somewhere Green
Kaunsel – Grain Hopper
Bryan Cee – Blue Bird
Luwizzy – Burn Inside of Me
Vintage Lapointe – Weaken
Indigo – Red
JR Rhodes – Celebration
Ghost Cartridge – Xzibit (feat. D-Sisive & Baggylean)
Mike Casey – The Beauty of Everyday Life
Rachel Ransom – Misty Morning (Bassa’s Song)
Michael Botte Band – Radiate
Sadie Fine – Penitentiary
Sierra Blacc – Thxnk You
Sophie Van Hasselt – A Bit of Love
Caroline Parke – Look Me in the Eye, Love
Marissa Burwell – Catch and Release

See y’all next time!

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