episode #42 april 19 the swing and blues show part two by jeff stager, jeff benoit, sean browne

Sean Browne speaks to classical and contemporary WCS
Youtube links for west coast swing clips

Swing Diego Classic Routine
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Capital Champions Strictly 1st pl.
Chat Conversation End

Procession of the Species Celebration – Free Workshop Easter Monday

Free Workshop Easter Monday
Monday April 9. 1-6pm
25 Regina St. S, Waterloo
The Button Factory / The Waterloo Community Arts Centre

Camels, Crocodiles, Cougars, Chameleons, Coyotes… Come make a costume or float for the KW Procession of the Species parade. We will have many arts supplies available to help you create whatever you like. Paper mache, fabrics, paints, and assorted odds and ends will come to life. Make a costume to wear, or attach to a bike or stroller, or create a more elaborate float. It’s all free, just contact us by email or phone to register. *This is a 5 hour workshop, so we understand if you can only come for some of it.

There is another costume workshop Friday April 13, 12-3:30pm at the Button Factory.

Here is another video of last year’s Procession in Olympia, Washington for inspiration.

Radio Waterloo