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Neo Vibe Solarium

NVS – Good Music – Electronic –



thanks to www.microflight.co.nz for contributions to the logo

Take an adventure into sound, with a showcase of world electronic music, particularly Trance, UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Freeform / Hardtrance . Clubtrance / Melodic / Uplifting Great for the gym bike or car, flat/frat or good taste venue. Also the mystic minute, future foray, the odd psa, shallow thoughts, and a guest here and there with your host Will Ashley

Class War on the Shop Floor Speaking Tour

Hoping to have this featured on Grand River Radical Radio, as an Interview, stay tuned!

Monday, OCT 24th, 2011

Lyle S. Hallman – Faculty of Social Work
120 Duke Street West – Room 101
Kitchener, Ontario

Rachel Stafford – Postal worker, anarchist, IWW organizer and rank and file trouble maker, Rachel will outline a perspective on workplace organizing that prioritizes the use of direct action, worker education, and participatory decision making to build the kind of struggle that can aim for the whole pie, not just a bigger piece.

Rachel will be in Hamilton on October 24th, 6pm at the Lyle S. Hallman – Faculty of Social Work Auditorium (Room 101) The space is wheelchair accessible. NOTE: Do not park behind building without a GOLD permit.

Presented by Common Cause


Matthew Barber — Live In Concert!

Who: Matthew Barber with opening act Louise Burns
Where: Princess Cinema, 6 Princess St W
When: Wednesday November 16th
Cost: All seats $22, available in advance

more info: http://www.princesscinemas.com/film/?id=2467

Matthew Barber is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose music has been classified as indie pop and pop rock with folk and alternative country influences. The Princess Cinema is proud to welcome him back to our stage.

This album features guest appearances by his sister, Jill Barber, as well as Sarah Harmer. Barber has been a featured guest on >play, Go and Open Mike with Mike Bullard. He has toured extensively with artists including Buck 65, BOY, Joel Plaskett, Emm Gryner and Matt Mays and El Torpedo.

Louise Burns, a Vancouver-based Polaris nominee is a singer-songwriter. Formerly a member of the band Lillix, she released her debut album as a solo artist, Mellow Drama this Spring.

Matthew Barber website

Matthew Barber photos for download

Louise Burns website

Up Late With DJJD & DJ Tekie

Up Late With DJJD & DJ Tekie
Come join us Saturday nights from 8 pm EST to 10 pm EST to laugh and enjoy the best of the b-sides. Hosted by DJ JD (Jordan) and DJ Tekie (Shawn)

chat with us on skype @ uplatesoundfm

like us and share it with people on facebook!

C.R. Avery Live at The Jazz Room – Tues Oct 4 $10 Advance Encore Records, Words Worth Books $14 at the Door

Tom Waits is a fan and brought C.R. up to perform on stage with him in Germany. If Lawrence Ferlinghetti could play harmonica like Little Walter, you’d have an idea of what a groundbreaking piece of work this is and the genre busting audio statement that defines Magic Hour Sailor Songs.

C.R. Avery is a musicians’ musician. He is admired by and has performed with Tom Waits, Ani DiFranco, Utah Phillips, Sage Francis and others.

This is his new solo album and we’re proud to bring him to a wider audience. Whether playing in front of thousands on the folk festival circuit or in a small cafe in Berlin or Edinburgh, C.R. Avery is a unique and electrifying performer. He simultaneously beatboxes, sings, plays harmonica and a Herbie Hancock 80s style red rocket guitar. Having drawn from a well of influences, C.R. is to hip-hop what Jimmy Reed was to Chicago blues; a one man traveling troubadour – but he is one for these modern times.

C.R.’s lyrical skills and vocal delivery have brought him to the forefront of the international spoken word scene. He is a past winner of the CBC national Poetry Face-Off. Scratchy, smoky, beaten by years of cigarettes and off-mike shouting in cabarets all over the world, C.R. Avery’s voice is instantly identifiable.

C.R’s lyrics come from his slam poetry pieces, honed by the merciless, sudden death, one-victor-and-all- others-cast-aside competitive nature of the slam world. As such, having been performed in front of an audience that demands both intellectual clarity and visceral honesty, competing against the very best work of the very best poets, his pieces are crafted to a necessary perfection.

Magic Hour Sailor Songs is an elegiac poetic tour de force, bending and criss-crossing genres; there’s a string quartet, an all female jazz choir and the best out there jazz & classical musicians – creating something rarely seen these days; a genuinely powerful artistic work.

CR Avery Live at The Jazz Room – is brought to you by Hidden City Productions, Words Worth Books, and Onyx.

100.3 Sound FM is live to air from our new studio!!

Our studio, located at 142 Waterloo St, Waterloo (between roger and guelph) is live and we are broadcasting our special blend of community-campus radio to Waterloo region (100.3 on the FM dial or Rogers Cable 946), and to the cosmos on the web – http://soundfm.ca/listen

Sound FM is still looking for all kinds of support from the community and for members to join our co-op, so contact us with any comments, questions, or cash donations! http://soundfm.ca/coop

You can also now tune in via any smart phone, and the iphone app is on the way (app developers wanted!;).

From all of us at the station, to you, our beautiful listeners, thank you for your patience and support in keeping The Biggest Little Sound in Town on the air!

We have a bunch of new programs on the schedule and have had to say good bye (or see ya later) to a few shows as well. 34 years and still kicking, CKMS will never shut up and never shut down!

100.3 Sound FM will be live again this week!

Our new “Studio A” master nattyphysicist tells us our studio is in final testing phases, and only a solid internet connection will keep us from being on air by wednesday! keep on listening to 100.3 sound fm, and from all of us at the station, to you, our beautiful listeners, thank you for your patience and support in keeping The Biggest Little Sound in Town on the air!

We have a bunch of new programs on the schedule and have had to say good bye (or see ya later) to a few shows as well. 34 years and still kicking, CKMS will never shut up and never shut down!

Sound FM at KOI Music Fest September 17th in Kitchener

The KOI music fest is this Saturday, September 17th 2010 in downtown kitchener at a tonne of different venues. check out http://koimusicfestival.com/ for more info and to get tickets.

Sound FM will will be broadcasting some music from the day and we will have a table in the merch area with punk, alt, and rock cds form the past 3 decades (lots of local stuff).

Thanks to Cory, Curt, Bree, and the whole crew at ARC Cloathing for putting on another great year of KOI!

Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime


On Friday September 30, come celebrate 12 years of Pressure Drop Radio on 100.3 SoundFM with special guest: groundbreaking producer DBRIDGE from London UK!

In 1999, two first-year students at the University of Waterloo decided to take their love for music and DJing to the next level. Pressure Drop was born, playing

an eclectic mix of Jungle, Reggae, House and Punk Rock to early morning listeners. The show progressed into a period of strictly Drum and Bass with intros of Reggae and Hip Hop and moved to Sunday evenings, bringing the weekends to fruition. Pressure Drop saw Ragga Jungle reborn around 2002 and started exposing KW to dubstep in 2006. Around the same time, the show joined other longstanding Hip Hop programs on Thursday nights, solidifying connections. When SoundFM was defunded, Pressure Drop stayed strong and dependable, moving with the station, and now is on the edge of its most prolific period.

This event is about all the people who have supported us over the years and who have helped make it happen!

A veteran producer and one of the most experienced artists in drum & bass,
Darren White aka dBridge is an artist whose multiple transformations and evolutions glide through a staggering list of achievements. Over the course of a long and distinguished career, he has been at the heart of some the most exciting collaborative partnerships drum & bass has ever seen from Future Forces to Bad Company and mostly recently Club Autonomic. Forging a strong bond with Instra:mental, they showcased their Autonomic sound with an award-winning Fabriclive mix CD, worldwide tour and residencies for Fabric and Rinse FM. In 2011, dBridge returns the focus to his label Exit Records with the Mosaic Vol. 1 compilation and more artist LPs as he continues to be a mentor to the new breed of producers inspired by his career. As a solo artist, dBridge remains versatile with his own productions for Exit, Reinforced, Hotflush, and more.

EVERBLUE [dubstep, techno, jungle]

KW veteran badman, original turntablist and true Junglist, EVERBLUE is an endless supply of the freshest underground sounds from dark to deep not only that but is also able to move into a variety of electronic styles.
He has been striving to bring Only the Best to the local scene for many years and keeps pushing all boundaries.


Dawn needs no introduction as she is the force that holds the KW DnB scene together with a personal connection to every junglist in KW and beyond. Rude Gyal Entertainment promotes weekly DnB in Kitchener, booking all local DJs, MCs and special guests. Add to that her dancefloor killing selection from jumpup to deep and you have the Rudegyal Breaks of Dawn.

Sin.esthezia (MoD) [Dubstep, DnB]

Sin.esthezia aka MoD brings fresh new energy to the bass continuum with an ear for the cutting edge be it aggressive new dubstep or experimental and melodic DnB. Rising from the ashes of his love for Deep House and Dirty Electro, the sounds and volumes stay similar, but with a new style and a new beat. Sin.esthezia has been on many bills lately and is a dj for your watch list.

NATTYPHYSICIST [Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Ragga]
Co-founder of Pressure Drop Radio and ubusound.net. Rooted in Reggae, Hip Hip and House and with a deep love for Jungle, nattyphysicist has kept Pressure Drop moving unbounded by genre. “Every flavour catering to the raver” has been used to describe the weekly radio show on KW’s campus and community radio station. Over the past few years, the show has grown its roots in the local bass loving community and will continue to do so into the future.


Limited advance tickets:

$18 advance / $25 door
In the KW area, msg Devon (no xtra fees): http://www.facebook.com/albrechtasd
In the Cambridge area, msg Nat (no xtra fees): http://www.facebook.com/nattyphysicist

Radio Waterloo