The Clean Up Hour, Mix 252

What’s up, y’all? New Clean Up Hour for y’all — tonight is all about De La Soul, dedicated to Trugoy the Dove one year after his passing.

Here’s the tracklist:


Cool Breeze on the Rocks
Pushin Aside, Pushin Along
Rock Co.kane Flow (feat. MF DOOM)
She.Fe.Mcs. (feat. A Tribe Called Quest)
What the f*@k 1
D.A.I.S.Y. Age
The Art of Getting Jumped
What We Do (For Love) [feat. Slick Rick]
The Mack Daddy on the Left
Must B the Music
Long Island Wildin
My Brother’s a Basehead
What the f*@k 2
Supa Emcees
Afro Connections At A Hi 5 (In The Eyes Of The Hoodlum)
Patti Dooke (feat. Guru)
Pease Porridge
Potholes In My Lawn
In the Woods (feat. Shortie No Mass)
Big Brother Beat
Held Down (feat. Cee-Lo)
Set the Mood
Greyhounds (feat. Usher)
What the f*@k 3
Long Island Degrees
Here In After (feat. Damon Albarn)
Mornin’ Rise (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)
Days of Our Lives (feat. Common)

See y’all next time!

Through the Static Episode 26 – 07/02/24

The radio appreciation special! (well not that much, just a couple songs 🙂 Listen to me gush over music stories and connections, and over songs that are dedicated to radio, as we do the usual twist and turn through genres and decades.

  • Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  • Today – Jefferson Airplane
  • Listen to the Radio – Pukka Orchestra
  • Radio Gaga – Queen
  • Radio Silence – Blue Peter
  • Transmission – Joy Division
  • Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna
  • American Teenager – Ethel Cain
  • A House in Nebraska – Ethel Cain

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CKMS News – 2024-02-07 – A Waterloo Sobeys will be served ACORN’s “Menu for Fair Food For All” as part of national protests

CKMS News – 2024-02-07 – ACORN Menu For Fair Food For All

by: dan kellar

On Saturday February 10th, the social and economic justice organisation ACORN is holding a national day of action to “Stop Grocery Giants from Price Gouging”.  In Waterloo, the regional chapter of ACORN is organising a demonstration at Sobeys on Bridgeport Ave.

In a press release ACORN claims that consolidation in the grocery industry is driving-up prices and that “Grocery giants in Canada are on their way to set a new record – $6 billion profit in 2023… [they] are now earning more than twice as much profit as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This show features an interview with Acer Bonaparte of Waterloo Region ACORN, who discusses the day of action and reviews ACORN’s “Menu of fair food for all demands.” While the office of Minister Sudds gave CKMS News an update on the school food program, Sobeys had not responded to requests for comment when this piece first aired.

FROM THE VOID #84 February 6th

Welcome to Episode #84 of From the Void

Tonight is Musicians who haver played with Miles Davis. George Duke, Ansley Dunbar, Steve Vai, Adrien Belew, Mike Kenealy, etc.

My new podcast with Co – Host Peri Urban is on YouTube, it’s called The Listening Eyebrow and its about deep listening to good music.

ALSO!!! I released  a new album. Taste the Future.  You TubeBandcamp or where ever you stream your music!

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See you in the Void!



Artist – Song Title
Mason Tikl – Klausterfokken Opener
Excision, ATLiens – Dinosaurs from Outer Space
10 Years – Rise
Persefone – Sounds and Vessels
Persefone – One Word
Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Caribbean Medley
Omar Rodrigues-Lopez – Is It The Clouds
Caligulas Horse – Charcoal Grace I: Prey
Caligulas Horse – Charcoal Grace II: A World Without
Caligulas Horse – Charcoal Grace III: Vigil
Caligulas Horse – Charcoal Grace IV: Give Me Hell
Toehider – Truck the Duck (Opening Theme) _ Truck the Duck (End Credits)
Persefone – The Equable
Persefone – Lingua ignota
Persefone – Abyssal Communication
Nospun – Dance With Me!
Figure – Old School
Beardfish – The One Inside pt 2 (My Companion Through Life)
Sufjan Stevens – I Want to Be Well
Between the Buried and Me – Never Seen/Future Shock

Radio Nowhere Episode 48, 2/3/24

Download:, 58m02s, 80.0 MBytes

Because you love me Kaz Hawkins
While my Heart’s Still Beating Roxy Music
Your Lucky Day In Hell Eels
Josie Steely Dan
Sing a Simple Song Sly & The Family Stone
The Great Train Robbery Mountain
Let It Ride The Blue Stones
Story of my Life Social Distortion
Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square Jethro Tull
C’mon Everybody Eddie Cochrane
Blue Shadows The Blasters
Cissy Strut The Meters
My Mistake The Kingbees
My Babe The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Heartbroken, In Disrepair Dan Auerbach

Housing or Heritage? Kitchener struggles with tough questions

February 2, 2024

Much of the six-hour Kitchener City council meeting on January 29, focused on delegates’ opposition to the City’s proposed Growing Together Plan.  

One of the objectives of the plan is to increase affordable housing stock close to the ION stations and major transit areas.

Most of the delegates to Council were in various ways associated with property development and opposed the recommendations in the report.

There were others, not related in a financial capacity to issues of rezoning, who also disagreed with the recommendations.

Some of the objections raised were about the challenges of preserving the integrity of heritage neighbourhoods during a housing crisis in which the city wants intensification.

Gail Pool of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario North Waterloo Region branch was one of the people who presented opposition to the Report’s recommendations for the Victoria Park Heritage District.

World Radio Day, Tuesday 13 February 2024

On February 13th, people worldwide will celebrate World Radio Day 2024 | A Century Informing, Entertaining and Educating (closeup of a microphone in a shock mount, with an out-of-focus sound board in the background showing brighly lit indicators)World Radio Day. Whether you listen to it in your car, at home, on your mobile phones, at work, radio continues to play an essential part in everyday lives. We rely on it to learn what is happening in our communities, when disaster strikes, to educate us on important topics or to feel better connected to the world around us. And while radio is seeing some declines with station closures, it’s seeing a rise across sub-Saharan Africa, where rural people rely on it for their lives and livelihoods.

To celebrate, the NCRA-ANREC (stylized illustration of a hand holding an old-style microphone with a blue sunburst behind)NCRA/ANREC and Farm Radio International / Radios Rurales Internationales (illustration of a microphone with leaves at the base on a green background, text in a circle around it)FRI are partnering to get people to listen to the radio on February 13th. Whether it’s your favourite local radio station, campus radio, public broadcast, or a special program that will be streamed live that day, we want as many people as possible to tune in to show that audio continues to impact our everyday lives.

NCRA/ANREC and FRI will also partner with CKCU-FM to host a live broadcast, syndicated here on Radio Waterloo from 11:00am to 2:00pm. You will hear from broadcasters past and present and from around the world talking about the importance of radio.

“In Canada, campus, community and Indigenous not-for-profit radio reaches over 75% of Canadians, providing invaluable local news, information and entertainment in spaces where the local voice is often not heard. It fosters music growth, disseminating verifiable information with journalistic integrity and provides opportunities for organizations and companies to inform their community through a free-to-access medium,” says Barry Rooke, Executive Director for the NCRA/ANREC.

“In sub-Saharan Africa, radio is the world’s most accessible and popular communication service. When combined with mobile phones, which allow farmers to share their own stories on the airwaves, it brings lasting change for some of the world’s most vulnerable people—small-scale farmers in rural Africa,” says Kevin Perkins, Executive Director of Farm Radio International. “By sharing knowledge, amplifying farmers’ voices, and supporting better practices, audio has the power to reduce food insecurity, improve health and nutrition, and plant the seeds for long-term positive change.”

Last year, Farm Radio International directly reached an estimated 24.1 million people with life-changing audio services over the airwaves, enabling about 5 million to make a positive change.

This live broadcast will take place on Tuesday, 13 February 2024, at a morning event in downtown Ottawa, re-broadcast on CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #16

What’s up, y’all? Couple days early again with this post. First and foremost, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Yes Nice White Washed Walls Remix Indie Rock CanCon
FKB 123 FKB Rock CanCon
Ryan Boldt Broadside Ballads Pop CanCon
Shuug and the Temporary Men County Folk CanCon
Vance Joy Dream Your Life Away Indie Rock Indeterminable
John Orpheus John Orpheus is Dead Pop NSFR CanCon/KWCon
John Mann The Waiting Room Pop CanCon
Black Crown Initiate The Wrekage of Stars Metal No
es. Aspire to Inspire Rap CanCon
Rosedale Sampler 2014 Rock Indeterminable
Aqua Alta Dreamsphere Pop CanCon
Alden Penner Exegesis Alternative NOTE: album is incomplete due to CD reading errors CanCon
Catherine Maclellan The Raven’s Sun Country CanCon
Tracy Lalonde Little Letters Alternative CanCon
Elliot Thomas Through the Darkness & Cold Folk CAnCon
The Meds South America Rock CanCon
Gruvoria Space Butter Jazz No
Lucid and the Flowers L.A.T.F 1st EP Dance CanCon
Biblical Monsoon Season Rock CanCon
Ben Stevenson Dirty Laundry R&B CanCon
Lovers Love Haters Lovers Love Haters Pop Indeterminable
Scott Shea Let it Storm Country & Folk No
Kolony Sledge Metal Track 11 may be NSFR CanCon
Coast Redwood Spirit Rock CanCon
Bill Wood & the Woodies Oh Look Rock CanCon
Jay Malinowski & the Deadcoast Martel Indie Rock CanCon
Animal Nation A Great Impression of a Charming Young Gentleman Rap NSFR CanCon
Closer Talker Flux Indie Rock CanCon
Secret Sun Cold Coast Indie Rock CanCon
Concealer Feted:Fetid Jazz CanCon

Here is the mix:


Yukon Blonde – Summer in July
Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – Yandere
Bears in Hazenmoore – Wedding Season
Foxhart Fishman – This Drive Was Planned
Jesse and the Dandelions – Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Noah Zacarin – Small Town Novel
Dana Sipos – Lily in the Window
Ben Kunder – Night Sky
Brother Leeds – Canadian Girl
Waves that Stray – Mr. Wild the Killer Child
Murray Little & Bob Chartier – Grandma’s Pickle Jar
Urkmisher – It’s Only Friday, Jr.
Body Lens – Mikey
The Forks – One Degree
High Parade –This Town
Ensign Broderick – The Bedrooms of My Youth
Deadbeat & Camara – Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
Calpurnia – Greyhound
Road Waves – Red Sun Rising
Jay Ross vs. Teekay – Subatomic
Sabo Forte – Ride or Die F Rubix
Astin Clark – Mistresses
Eddie Quotez – Kush and Anime
Ice tha One – In the Paint
Dustin Moore – Letter to my Eight Year Old Self
Philly Moves – Drunk Dial
Haviah Mighty – For Free

See y’all next week!

Sandbag structures may provide a safe and warm refuge for encampment residents this weather

Tent fires have become a common occurrence in the winter at the Victoria Street encampment in Kitchener and a local housing advocacy group is helping find solutions.

FightBack KW, thinks it might have found an answer. The organization is building temporary sandbag structures that two people can live in and up to six can congregate in.

Fire is a problem because the tents used at the encampment were not designed for winter use. In order to survive the winter outside, people must insulate or warm their tents, which carries huge risks and can be a difficult balance to achieve.

FightBack KW is looking for community partnerships with relevant businesses to fund and help build the structures. The next build day that individuals are welcome to participate in is February 3, this Saturday from 11-dark.

Wren Wombwell of FightBack KW talked to CKMS News about the situation and the sandbag structures.

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 251

What’s up, y’all? Mophead coming through with a new Clean Up Hour for y’all. Mainly a straightforward mix, but I take 15 minutes to talk about stan culture and the worrying future ahead.


Bruiser Wolf – Let the Young Boys Eat
Isaiah Rashad – Soliloquy
CZARFACE & Logic – Gatecrasher
Danny Brown – Tantor
Tachichi – Be Natural
K-the-I – Cell Shaded/Daydreams/Nightmares
Big K.R.I.T – MY SUB PT. 6 (feat. Garfield Bright of Shai)
French Montana, Jadakiss, & Nicki Minaj – NY Minute (Remix)
Benny the Butcher, Rick Hyde, Westside Gunn, & Conway – Griselda Express
Westside Gunn & Conway – F**k & Get High
Like – Time is Money
Buck 65 – Life
Blu & Bombay – Let’s Take a Walk (feat. NeXuS)
John Wells & Elijah Who – The Fent, Pt. 3
Blu – Gangsta Blu(e)s
R.A.P Ferreira & Fumitake Tamura – culture war patriots (feat. Self Jupiter)
Kali Uchis – Young Rich & In Love
Drake – The Shoe Fits
Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – What She In It For?
Kota the Friend – Backstage in Minneapolis
Blu & Donel Smokes – My Warm Heart Turns Cold
Blu – My World Is Still…
Boldy James & Nicholas Craven – Straight As
A-F-R-O – Here 2 Stay
L.O.L – George
Buck 65 – Terminal Illness
Blu – Blue Suede (Out the Blue)
21 Savage & Mariah the Scientist – dark days

See y’all next time!

City of Kitchener votes to repurpose instead of recycle old computers

Kitchener City Council voted unanimously on Monday to divert city-owned end-of-life computer equipment from the e-waste stream.

Instead, the City will donate this equipment to the Working Centre’s Computer Recycling program, which already accepts technology donations and provides low-cost computer equipment to the community.

The city examined the possibility of running this program in-house, but collaborating with the Working Centre provides benefit to the community and makes sense logistically and financially.

The Computer Recycling Program at the Working Centre, at 58 Queen St. in downtown Kitchener, is open two days a week to provide the community with access to affordable technology.

Through the Static Episode 25 – 31/01/24

Exploring many different feelings as we go Through the Static; from ambitious dance tracks to introspective guitar ballads, poppy tunes to prog rock epics.

  • Sweet Talking Woman (Live at Wembley – 2017) – ELO
  • Cross the Sea – Alex G
  • Faceshopping – SOPHIE
  • The Wrote and the Writ – Johnny Flynn
  • Change – Tears for Fears
  • Crumbling Castle – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • Ain’t it Fun – Paramore

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CKMS Community Connections for 29 January 2024 with Barbara Spronk of CFUW and Melissa Star Ireland of Indigenous Relations UW

Show Notes are in progress! Check this page later for updates!

Melissa Star Ireland (a woman with long dark hair smiling into the camera)
Melissa Star Ireland
Barbara Spronk (a woman with grey hair wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone)
Barbara Spronk

Show Notes

Barbara Spronk of CFUW-KW and Melissa Star Ireland of Indigenous Relations UW join Jenniefer Strong and Bob Jonkman to discuss the Indigenous Film Festival taking place in February.

The interview starts at 3m00s.

Office of Indigenous Relations at University of Waterloo:

Melissa provided us with some additional information on other Indigenous Relations programs:

Conestoga College Indigenous Services

Be-Dah-Bin Gamik, a Place of New Beginnings provides services for Indigenous students at Conestoga College, including those who are First Nations (status and non-status), Métis and Inuit. It is a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment that assists students with a smooth transition to college life by providing ongoing student support. The leader there is ​Christina Restoule, Manager.

Wilfrid Laurier University

We’ve been working with Bonnie Whitlow of The Office of Indigenous Relations at Laurier which has been working toward the goal of Indigenization, a term that reflects the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge into the daily life of the university.


  • Website: cfuw KITCHENER-WATERLOO (stylized logo of an open book, with each page a different colour looking like flames)
  • Twitter (X): @CFUWKW | Twitter
  • Facebook: CFUW K-W | Facebook
  • Instagram: @cfuwkw | Instagram
  • YouTube: CFUW K-W | YouTube
  • E-mail:
  • Upcoming Events

    Winter Storytelling: A Celebration of Indigenous Film | 2024 Film Series | Mon Feb 5 at 2pm - Run Woman Run | Mon Feb 12 at 2pm - Beans | Wed Feb 28 at 7pm - Bones of Crows | Princess Twin Cinema | 46 King St. N. Waterloo | Sponsored by CFUW-KW in partnership with Conestoga College, Wilfrid Laurier University, and University of Waterloo | Discussion to follow each film | FREE ADMISSION | We welcome donations to Indigenous Youth Roots (logo of CFUW-KW on the left, a single feather on the right, and logo of Indigenous Youth Roots at the bottom)
    Poster for CFUW-KW Indigenous Film Series
    Winter Storytelling: A Celebration of Indigenous Film

    All films are showing at the Princess Twin Cinemas. There will be a discussion after each film. Free Admission!

    • Run Woman Run
    • Beans
      • When: 2:00pm on Monday 12 February 2024
      • Info and Trailer: Beans (2020)
    • Bones of Crows


    Podcast coming soon!


    Index in progress, stay tuned!

    CKMS Community Connections Hour One airs on CKMS-FM 102.7 on Monday from 11:00am to Noon, and Hour Two airs alternate Fridays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

    Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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    Bonus Video

    YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for Monday 29 January 2024
    Sound on this video is terrible, there’ll be a new video soon!

    Show notes and podcast interview content is Copyright © 2023 by the participants, and released under a CC BYCreative Commons Attribution Only license. Copy, re-use, and derivative works are allowed with attribution to Radio Waterloo and a link to this page. Music selections are copyright by the respective rights holders.

    FROM THE VOID #83 January 29th

    Welcome to Episode #83 of From the Void

    Tonight is Musicians who haver played with Miles Davis. Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Return to Forever, Shakti, Mike Stern Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller etc.

    My new podcast with Co – Host Peri Urban is on YouTube, it’s called The Listening Eyebrow and its about deep listening to good music.

    ALSO!!! I released  a new album. Taste the Future.  You TubeBandcamp or where ever you stream your music!

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    See you in the Void!


    Radio Nowhere Episode 47, 1/27/24

    Download:, 58m08s, 80.0 MBytes

    Country Honk The Rolling Stones
    Bulldoze Blues Henry Thomas
    Hot Lanta The Allman Brothers Band
    Salt Water Sound Henry Binns/Sam Hardaker/Zero 7
    C’est La Vie Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    Sunlight The Youngbloods
    Shapes of Things to Come Jeff Beck Group
    The Word The Beatles
    Bloodhounds On My Trail The Black Angels
    May This Be Love Jimi Hendrix
    Maria También Khruangbin
    Mr. Tambourine Man The Byrds
    Oh, the Boss Is Coming! Arkells
    Beautiful Blue Holly McNarland

    Episode 1 of Readers Delight

    Readers Delight with cup of coffee

    Download: Readers-Delight-2024-01-28-Episode0001.mp3 55 MB, 1h00m02s

    Jody in the studio with Carl who is reading his story, with microphones and headphones. Soundboard
    Carl Innes Storytime

    Episode One of Readers Delight features authors: Carl Innes, Brian Van Norman & Carolyn Wilker.

    Carl Innes read ‘The Meal’ from his book “The Eye of Calchas: An Anthology”. This book is available on Kindle. The Genre is: Supernatural Horror.
    Brian Van Norman read from his book “Against the Machine: Evolution”. This book is available on Kindle and on Amazon as paperback. The Genre is: Dystopian Science Fiction.
    Carolyn Wilker read ‘A Room is Waiting’ from her book “Good Grief People”. This book is available on Amazon in paperback and her website The Genre is: Memoir.

    CKMS sunflower logo with wavies coming out the sidesSubscribe to the podcast!

    Jody Swannell sitting in the studio with sound board, audio console and microphone
    Jody Swannell

    Readers Delight E01 with KW Writers Alliance logo and 3 photos of Jody Swannell in the Recording Studio with Carl Innes, Carolyn Wilker, & Brian Van Norman wearing headphones.
    Carolyn Wilker, Brian Van Norman, and Carl Innes.

    Jody Swannell sitting in the studio chair with the microphone giving the peace symbol with her hand
    Jody Swannell preparing for first show

    Jody Swannell standing at the studio entrance. A green door with signage CKMS 102.7FM

    CKMS Community Connections for 22 January 2024: Bob & Yenny interview with DJ Jordan & “Through the Static”

    Download: ckms-community-connections-2024-01-22-episode149-DJ-Jordan-Through-The-Static.mp3 (55 MB, 1h00m02s)

    DJ Jordan with Through the Static, on Wednesdays at 9 PM til 10 PM and replay on Saturdays at 1 PM til 2 PM. Bob and I enjoyed our chat with DJ Jordan, who puts in a lot of thought to her shows and is a genuine music lover, spinning her vinyls.

    DJ Jordan is currently an undergraduate student at University of Waterloo, and CCC is looking forward to following up on Monday, March 11th, in studio, with Jordan and her professor.  A conversation that will conclude  during the week of March 18th, and exhibit held at UW.

    Thank you DJ Jordan!

    Throughout the hour, Bob played Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

    Bonus Video

    YouTube: (1) CKMS Community Connections for 22 January 2024 with Jordan Kalist of Through The Static

    Through The Static (black letters on a background of B&W television static, with a sound waveform running between the words)

    CKMS 102.7 FM Radio Waterloo | Community Connections | Monday 11am-Noon, Friday 3pm-4pm (sunflower logo on the left, black and purple lettering on a teal background to the right and below)

    Mixtape Monopoly – January 27 2024 Edition

    Get ready to groove with the best hip-hop tracks, featuring throwback classics, and new music with an old school vibe that will have you nodding your head and moving your feet. Mixtape Monopoly is here to shake up your speakers and headphones. 🎧

    This edition includes new tracks from Quake Matthews, Master Ace, Bumpy Knuckles. Plus classics from Kid Capri, Foxy Brown, Del La Soul, and more!

    New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #15

    What’s up, y’all? Mophead here, a bit early, with this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour. But first, new music I’ve added to Libretime since last week:

    Noah Gundersen Ledges Indie Rock No
    Christian Overton Quintet The Test Jazz CanCon
    Danko Jones Garage Rock! A Collection of Lost Songs from 1996-1998 Rock NSFR (Presumed) Indeterminable
    Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues Country & Folk No
    Anne Lindsay Soloworks Traditional CanCon
    Monarch Woods Tears of Himmeldom Metal CAnCon
    Beat Cops Mean Streets Alternative CanCon
    Icicle Theorems Electronica CanCon
    Mauno Rough Master Indie Rock CanCon
    The Cookers Quintet Vol. Two Jazz CanCon
    Fingathing And the Big Red Nebula Band Electronica Indeterminable
    Fingathing And the Big Red Nebula Band [Disc 2] Electronica Indeterminable
    Philly Moves Olga Rap NSFR (Presumed) CanCon
    Mike Janzen Trio Metronome Jazz CAnCon
    Jason Purcell I want to know Rock CanCon
    Shaky Knees 7 Years Pop Indeterminable
    Gob Apt. 13 Punk No
    Michael Brock Scorpion EP Pop No
    Kevin Maimann Death Perception Rock CanCon
    Icicle Resurgence Electronica CanCon
    Steph Cameron Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady Country & Folk Unknown
    Tony Russo Somewhere There’s a Someone Pop No
    Stephen Farrell Stephen Farrell Jazz CanCon
    Levi Cuss Night Thief Pop Indeterminable
    Split Can’t Get Enough Pop CanCon
    Fayne The Queen of Kings Metal CanCon
    Sober Becky Odes and Observations Punk CanCon
    Brother Neil Bonfire Confessions Country & Folk Indeterminable
    The Barr Brothers Sleeping Operator Indie Rock CanCon

    Here’s the Horizon Broadening Hour:

    Here’s the tracklist:

    Baby Cages – All U Want
    Bowcott & the New World – Whiskey Riders
    Cliff Grant – Life Can Be a Big Struggle
    Siskiyou – Her Aim is Tall
    Lenore – My Burden’s Gone
    The Disgruntled Taxpayers – Fried Chicken Gave Me Boobs
    Dog is Blue – Young Pup
    The Sylvia Platters – TV Light
    Little Kim Rettalick – Catch a Train
    Wares – Rice Paper Dress
    Lisa Leblanc – 5748 KM
    Trigger Warning – Live Improvisation at CJSW
    Alpha Strategy – I Smell Like a Wet Tent
    Astral Swans – Free Yourself From All Harm
    The Bob Hawkins Band – Wicked Ways
    Jeremie Albino – Lilac Way
    Single Mothers – Across the Couch
    Tampa – Vices
    Real Ponchos – Sunshine
    Atlas: Empire – The Entire History of You
    The Weight Band – Day of the Locusts
    Fabrizio Cammarta – My Guitar at 4AM
    Anba Tonel – Flirtation
    Richie Floe – Fimi Time Come
    Roots Noir – Adventures in Vegetable Debauchery
    The Steady Rebels – Enigma Dub
    Wilson Bowes – Meant to Dance
    Sugarman 3 – Witches Boogaloo

    See y’all next week!

    Chief Medical Officer warns of potentially deadly disease on the rise in Waterloo Region

    MP Holmes

    Invasive Group A Streptococcus (IGAS) – which can cause afflictions from a sore throat to flesh-eating disease – is on the rise in Waterloo.

    Chief Medical officer of Health Dr Hsiu-Li Wong presented the respiratory disease update at the Region of Waterloo council meeting on Wednesday evening.

    While the overall number of people infected is still low as of early January, the Public Health Agency of Ontario noted that 540 infections were reported in Ontario alone from October 2023 to the end of December. Within this data were 6 children under the age of 9 who succumbed to the disease.

    Dr .Wong described symptoms of a severe IGAS infection, which include fever, sore throat, neck pain and rash that continue to worsen.

    Epidemiologists do not yet understand why the disease has spiked and recommend taking precautions including proper hand hygiene and staying home when sick.

    Radio Waterloo