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Radio Waterloo Annual General Meeting, 2pm on Saturday 29 August 2020

Members: Log in to see the AGM 2020 Minutes
Hello Members, Friends, and Supporters of Radio Waterloo! It is time again for our Annual General Meeting, and everyone is invited! If you have an interest in being involved with the station and learning how radio works, this is a great opportunity.

Members of Radio Waterloo should have received their AGM Members’ Package. If you did not receive your package contact the Secretary, Bob Jonkman at

What: Radio Waterloo Annual General Meeting
When: Saturday, 29 August 2020 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

If you cannot use a computer to join the meeting online, you should be able to use this phone number (US): +1‑240‑532‑3778 , PIN: 846 492 940#


  1. Welcome from President, Nat Persaud
  2. Approve 2019 AGM minutes
  3. CKMS Health Chart
  4. 2020 – 2021 Budget Proposal
  5. Election of Directors
  6. Members’ Forum: Members contribute their ideas
  7. Adjournment

The Board of Directors is actively seeking new directors. You can nominate yourself (if you’re a member) or nominate other members during the AGM, or nominate yourself now by e-mailing the Secretary, Bob Jonkman at

There will be a brief meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors after the AGM in order to set a date for the next full Board meeting, at which the Executive positions will be decided and Committee chairs selected.

See you all at the meeting!

–Bob Jonkman,
Secretary for Radio Waterloo Board of Directors

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