Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/12/07

Rebel Time Radio is back at it with more punk rock for your face holes! Tune into this week’s episode as Mike and Dan spin the best in political tunes that are meant to get you rocking and questioning authority!

You’ll hear super fantastic bands like SNFU, Unsanitary Napkin, The Maras, and The Rotten. You’ll also hear some really important banter about meaningful issues such as Santa Claus.

Now hit play or download the podcast and Rebel Time Radio yer heart out! This is it, don’t get scared now.

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link).

Tonight’s set:

  1. Naked Aggression – Right Now
  2. Bad Religion – Robin Hood in Reverse
  3. Youth Brigade – Fight to Unite
  4. SNFU – Mind Like a Door
  5. Final Four – Working
  6. Bus Station Loonies – The Threshers (Fund the Police)
  7. The Autonomads – Dickenson Three
  8. Unsanitary Napkin – Trumphole
  9. Ultra – Condenados
  10. The Spectres – New Buildings
  11. The Maras – J.O.Y.
  12. Moral Hex – MK Ultra
  13. The Bellicose Minds – The Mask
  14. Direct Action – International Blacklist
  15. The System – Dogs of War
  16. Che Chapter 127 – The Choicelessness Parade
  17. The Rotten – No Good At All
  18. The Restarts – Outsider
  19. Nomeansno – Angel or Devil
  20. Crass – I Ain’t Thick It’s Just a Trick
  21. The Selecter – Open Goal
  22. Skainhead – Abandonaras
  23. Spanner – Quiet Life

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