Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/10/25

More Rebel Time Radio for your faceholes! On tonight’s show, Elysha, Dan and Mike talk about how dumb and racist the proud boys are. They also spin some wicked punk tunes from Exit Order, Ambition Mission, Rixe, plus a new on from The Lillingtons. Now go hit play eh!

Download the podcast here (right click to save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Dead Kennedys – Keepon Factory
  2. SNFU – The Ceiling
  3. The Lillingtons – They Live
  4. Absinthe Rose – This Is Enough
  5. Exit Order – Seed of Hysteria
  6. Rats In The Wall – Your World
  7. Kalashnikov Collective – Cani
  8. Specters – Passages
  9. Holiday – They Said We Could Have Everything in the Argos Catalogue
  10. Ambition Mission – Wine & Cheese
  11. Closet Monster – Yes, This Is A Guilt Trip
  12. The Have Nots – One In Four
  13. Curasbun – Cerveza
  14. Bad Religion – Bored and Extremely Dangerous
  15. Rixe – Coups & Blessures
  16. The Rotten – K.W.D.P.
  17. Maldita – Sonria
  18. Adictox – Malato

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