Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/03/21

Put on yer punk faces because Rebel Time Radio has another episode for you to consume! On this episode Elysha, Mike, and Dan play some tunes from Ya Basta, Leatherface, At What Cost, plus new music from War on Women and Shitrat. They also spend some time making fun of Doug Ford. Now hover that mouse and/or finger to that play button and play the music loud!


Download the episode here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Svetlanas – Putin on Da Hitz
  2. Reckless Upstarts – Kiev
  3. Mixed Deuce – Alt-Right Punks Can Fuck Off
  4. War On Women – Lone Wolves
  5. DOA – Blind Men
  6. The Freeze -Trouble If You Hide
  7. Oi Polloi – Boot Down The Door
  8. Reagan Youth – I hate Hate
  9. Leatherface – Bowl of Flies
  10. Exit Order – Still Water
  11. At What Cost – We Just Wanna See The Sun
  12. Ya Basta – EZLN
  13. Subhumans (Canada) – Firing Squad
  14. Random Killing – Johnny Was A Punk
  15. Hanson Brothers – Joey Had To Go
  16. Shitrat – Full of Shit
  17. The Dreadnoughts – Jericho

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