Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/05/30

Rebel Time Radio is here with another episode for these trying times! Tonight Mike and Dan play some tunes from Brutal Youth and the Rotten (who are playing a show in Waterloo soon! Details below), plus LILIM and D.O.A. This episode is also the beginning of a five part series where our esteemed hosts discuss their top ten influential albums. Now that will be interesting! Ok, hit play right now!

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Tonight’s set:

  1. L7 – Shit List
  2. Prior Convictions – Glasgow Handshake
  3. Brutal Youth – Boul. Saint-Laurent
  4. The Rotten – No Good At All
  5. Nomeansno – Dark Ages
  6. LILIM – Soot
  7. D.O.A. – You Need an Ass Kicking Right Now
  8. The Press – Try
  9. Nomeansno – Theresa Give Me That Knife
  10. Bad Religion – Destined for Nothing
  11. Bad Religion – Bored and Extremely Dangerous
  12. Subhumans – All Gone Dead
  13. Subhumans – Subvert City
  14. Randy – The Exorcist
  15. Randy – Out of Nothing Comes Nothing

Get out to this punk rock show and see Brutal Youth, Copper Crown, The Rotten, The Fallout, and Ugly Mommy wreck the stage! June 16 at the Starlight in uptown Waterloo!

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