Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/08/08

Rebel Time Radio is here for some far left punk tunes for you dear listener! Dan does the show solo and plays Rebelmatic, Dirty Revolution, The Fallout and Rats in the Wall. He also makes fun of Ontario’s premier dingus, Premier Rob Ford! Whether you’re about to kick back in your seat or sweep the floor or organize the for the revolution, RTR has you covered with another great political punk playlist.

Download the episode here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. In Evil Hour – Predators
  2. The Effigies – Security
  3. Afterbotxebike – No Pasaran
  4. Knucklehead – Loggerhead
  5. The Selecter – Frontline (Live)
  6. Dirty Revolution – System
  7. Leftover Crack – So You Wanna Be a Cop
  8. The Clash – Pressure Drop
  9. The Fallout – Turn It Down
  10. Rebelmatic – Everything’s a Mess
  11. The Dicks – Bourgeois Fascist Pig
  12. Alien Boys – Self-Critical Thoeory
  13. Rats in the Wall – Why?
  14. Artificial Dissemination – Sell U Shit!
  15. The Interrupters – Gave You Everything
  16. The Discarded – 40-40-40
  17. L7 – Wargasm

Hey you! Rebel Time Records just dropped the latest from Toronto’s awesome punk band The Fallout, Raise Your Flag and Other Anthems. Head over to their bandcamp page and grab it for five bucks. Whaddaya waiting for, go give it a listen and buy it already eh!

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