S2 Episode 3: The SoundFM Stealer

This past week on the Electrifying Sessions we released an episode near and dear to the station! The SoundFM Stealer. Each episode of the series is based on actual events…see what happens to this culpret! And then there are only two more episodes to go! Things finish on a huge climax in this episode! But everything will be revealed in 2 weeks!

The Artwork for Episode 3 was created by Colleen Temple.

Featured Bands (in the order they appear):

1) Ryan Dahle
2) Stone River
3) Neil Young
4) Kandle
5) Dragging the Mule
6) The Gary Cain Band
7) Mohagany Frog
8) Rehashed
9) Thee Silver Mt. Zion
10) Culture Reject
11) Adverteyes
12) Robot Apocalypse featuring Mike Cattanach “Goose” of Cyanide Kiss

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