The Final Episode: Attack of the Drones

The final episode of the Electrifying Adventures was released July 1st on CKMS and YouTube. There are even more great Canadian Bands that we would have loved to feature in the episodes and that we will continue to feature here on the radio.

The artwork for episode 5 was created by CKMS’ own Cameron Matthews. Who programs Wednesdays!

Featured Bands (in order of appearance):

1) Vote Robot
2) Buck 65
3) Bass Lions
4) Legato Vipers
5) The Famines
6) Synthcake
7) 54-40
8) Atomic Seven
9) The Darcys
10) Ryan Dahle
11) Siskiyou
12) Chad Vangaalen
13) The Bleating Hearts
14) Prairie Cat
15) Robot Apocalypse featuring Gary Cain of the Gary Cain Band and Brad Merritt of 54-40


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