So Old It’s New set list: Monday, March 29, 2021

  1. J. Geils Band, First I Look At The Purse (live)
  2. The Who, Heaven And Hell (Live at Leeds version)
  3. Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains The Same
  4. Status Quo, Big Fat Mama
  5. The Rolling Stones, Too Tough
  6. Ancient Relic, Independence Or Death
  7. Iron Maiden, Two Minutes To Midnight
  8. Nazareth, Not Faking It
  9. Black Sabbath, The Writ
  10. Deep Purple, Place In Line
  11. Rainbow, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
  12. Drive-By Truckers, Lookout Mountain
  13. Mountain, Never In My Life
  14. Groundhogs, Cherry Red
  15. Rush, A Passage To Bangkok
  16. Mott The Hoople, Thunderbuck Ram
  17. Aerosmith, Sick As A Dog
  18. Vanilla Fudge, Street Walking Woman
  19. T. Rex, Raw Ramp
  20. Blue Oyster Cult, Dominance And Submission
  21. Thin Lizzy, Bad Reputation
  22. Queen, Brighton Rock
  23. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, T-Bone

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