So Old It’s New

This is Bald Boy. I host a classic rock album cuts show — So Old It’s New — on 102.7 Sound FM Radio, airing 8-10 pm Mondays. The show’s premise: Old bands, old tracks, old bands, their new tracks if they’re still releasing music. Mostly 1960s and 70s stuff, the era in which I grew up. But I’ll go with 80s, 90s, 2000s as well – Guns ‘N Roses, The Cult, Wolfmother, REM, you name it.  Prog and (70s) punk, too. Or whatever else strikes my fancy.

And I’ll play the occasional single you likely have not heard on commercial rock radio in many a moon, which is what prompted this show – my frustration with commercial rock radio not going beyond the same repetitive fare from the Stones, Zep, Purple and the like.

So with me, you’ll get the Stones’ Fingerprint File, not Start Me Up. You’ll get Zep’s Achilles Last Stand, not Stairway To Heaven.  I publish all my set lists here and also on Facebook (search for Bald Boy) and Twitter (Karlo Berkovich), including song clips.

5 thoughts on “So Old It’s New”

  1. Just reading through your setlist, noticed Bobby Gentry, I’m always trying to make connections…in this case she was married to Jim Stafford, actually has a child with him, I am playing “Spiders and Snakes” on my show tonight…thought that was a cool connection

    Gary and Ben

    1. I played Spiders and Snakes during a fun ‘hits you haven’t heard in ages’ type show I did a few months ago, ’70s AM Radio hits I did for fun after previously playing Reunion’s Life Is A Rock (And The Radio Rolled Me) to great reaction. So I did a full show of stuff like that, The Night Chicago Died, etc. etc. I caught a tiny bit of your show last week. Some fun chats you guys have. Take care.

  2. Hey Dude,

    Our show (Father To Son) Replay is every other Monday from 10 – 11 PM, I picked this slot because I wanted to follow your show which is a great show!

    Just thought I’d let you know, maybe you will tune in some time


    Gary & Ben – Father To Son

    1. Wow, thanks so much! I just noticed your show in the system last night while I was loading some tunes. I’ll definitely check your show out and, whenever studio is back open, if you guys are in, no doubt we’ll run into each other as shows transition. Take care and best wishes; I’ll definitely tune in to hear what you guys are doing. Take care.

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