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Stop Bill 23

Protect Our Farmland | Stop Bill 23Greenbelt Farmers

In Ontario, we already have enough land for housing. What we don’t have is enough Greenbelt. Many Ontario farm families make an honest living feeding us from Greenbelt land. If Doug Ford takes it away, it’s land speculators who will profit — not farmers or the rest of us. Doug Ford and his developer friends don’t need the Greenbelt, but we do. Tell your MPP, Hands Off The Greenbelt at

Stop Bill 23 | Protect Our WaterGreenbelt Water, Given Away

The Greenbelt’s food, jobs, and clean water are counted on by millions of people, so why is it being given away to fewer than a dozen developers?

Stop Bill 23 | We Have The Right to Protect Our CommunitiesBad News for the Countryside Line

Doug Ford is forcing unsustainable urban sprawl on municipalities. He’s even potentially putting at risk our visionary Countryside Line concept pioneered here in Waterloo Region. Other changes Ford has just pushed through reduce public consultation and muzzle the Grand River Conservation Authority that we need to protect our watershed. Tell your MPP that we already have the sustainable Official Plan we need for the future at

No More Urban Sprawl | Stop Bill 23Urban Sprawl

The Ford government is bad news for Waterloo Region. Doug Ford is threatening to override our sustainable Regional Official Plan, potentially forcing thousands of acres of expensive urban sprawl. His housing scheme will destroy our local farms, be unaffordable to most, and will significantly increase our taxes to subsidize developers.

Stop Bill 23 | Experts say Bill 23 Does More Harm for Affordable Housing than GoodRegional Planning Changes

Despite our unique global success and thriving economy, he just destroyed our visionary, recently adopted Regional Official Plan. He is overriding our regional planning to pave over precious farmland and force unsustainable urban sprawl throughout Waterloo Region. All of which threatens our local groundwater supply.

Tell your MPP we already have the sustainable official plan we need to build more affordable homes and apartments at

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