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Summary of New Music Added to LibreTime + The Horizon Broadening Hour #1

Hi, Folks,

As promised, here is the summary of new music that I have added to LibreTime. Two weeks worth here, next week’s list will be smaller:

Artist Album Genre Additional Notes CanCon
Various Artists A Sweet Relief Tribute to Joey Spampinato Mix — Rock, Blues etc.
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcaster Mercy Me Blues
Reversals Lasabre Rock, Rap, Dubstep-ish tracks 8, 10, and 13 are sexual, but with no explicit lyrics
Steve Marriner Hope Dies Last Rock/Blues
Sue Foley Pinky’s Blues Blues
Garnett Betts Moonlight Door Country
Jane Matthew/Wood Such Perfect Lives Folk
Oakridge Ave Endless Nights Indie Rock
Fate Will Come Fate Will Come Rock Explicit
Iamtheliving & Teon Gibbs JNGL Hip-Hop/Dance Explicit
Ryan Kennedy Libertine Religious Rock
Robert Thomas and the Sessionmen Parallel Lines Country/Blues
Evelyne Brochu Objets Perdus Pop
Clinton Edgebank Unknown Album Rock No track names available
Orhan Demir Freedom in Jazz Vol. 3 Solo Jazz Guitar
The Folk Say it Again Rock
Kharytia Bilash & Sean Sonier Longing Folk
Barry Rhomberg’s Random Access Trio The Way It Is… Is the Way it Was… Jazz
The Duke Robillard Band They Called It Rhythm & Blues Blues
Jakob Rehlinger Ten Sorrows New Age
Whitney K Two Years Indie Rock Unknown
Daniel Monte Now Part 1 Rock Unknown
Craig McNair Totally Demo’d Out 2 Locked Down and Loaded Easy Listening Unknown
Jonathan Kawchuk Everywhen Electronica CanCon
Sunnsetter The Best That I Can Be “Alternative” CanCon
Pony Girl Enny One Wil Love You R&B CanCon
The Bombadils Dear Friend CanCon
Phillipe B Nouvelle Administration CanCon
Illa Barker Fool Under Water Pop CanCon
Babaux and the Peacemakers Lucky 13 Rock No
Andy Penkow Love, Lies, and Dirty Dishes Country Unknown
Kilmore From the Inside Pop CanCon
Roxanne Reddy Jaywalking Pop CanCon
Brian Paul D.G. and Friends On Our Own Together Act One of Three Pop CanCon
Ashter Dawn Hersy EP Pop CanCon
Zoon Bekka Ma’iingan Indie Rock CanCon
Sultans of String Walking Through the Fire Traditional Indigenous CanCon
By Divine Right Otto Motto Indie Rock Unknown
Frog Eyes The Bees Indie Rock CanCon
Lindsey & The Lonelies Lonely is a Dirty Word Other CanCon
Paul Manchin Master Electronic CanCon
Packs Take the Cake Indie Rock CanCon
Evan Cheadle Fault Line Serenade Country & Folk CanCon
Alexanne Stupid Love Pop CanCon
Brian Paul D.G. and Friends Deeper Far Out Love Pop CanCon
Canadian Brass Canadiana Classical CanCon
The Deadbeat Jacks Graveyard Chicks Are Easy Neo-Rockabilly Brief, Mild Profanity tracks 4, 7, and 9 No
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band Huru Hara Nigerian Folk and Roots Music No
Matt Sellick Uprooted Flamenco CanCon
Rakkatak Char Taal and a Raga Rainbow Folk/Traditional CanCon
Touching Litteworlds Indie Rock CanCon
Dani Nash Dani Nash Rock CanCon
Nick Doneff The Late August Days Folk CanCon
Genevieve Racette Satellite Indie Rock CanCon
Andrew Raffo Dewar Ekphrasis Suite Jazz/Contemporary Classical No
Anyma Humans Alternative CanCon
Bad Waitress No Taste Punk CanCon
Girlpuppy Swan Indie Rock CanCon
Great Aunt Ida Unsayable Folk/Chamberpop CanCon
Craig Cardiff All This Time Running Country CanCon
Zack Kleisinger Their Symposium CanCon
Lou-Adriane Cassidy vous dit: Bonsoir CanCon
Cour de Pirate Cour de Pirate Pop CanCon
Oktoberfest Cheer Max the Axe Compilation CanCon/KWCon
Ponemah Ponemah Indie Rock No
Barney Bentall Ranch Writers Rock CanCon
Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys Ghost Hotel Country/Folk CanCon
Dave Debenham The Simple Life Country CanCon
Slightest Clue Suit Uptight/Various Other Songs Alternative CanCon
Emile Bilodeau Petitie Nature Pop CanCon
Thndr Is It Ok? Pop CanCon
David Lafleche Everyday Son Pop CanCon
Tragic Lover Electric Religious Rock CanCon
Phonosonics New Again Reggae CanCon
Michael Vlatkovich With You Jazz Cat Jazz No
Ryan and Friends Cool Side of the Pillow Pop CanCon
The Rural Alberta Advantage The Rise & The Fall Rock CanCon
Claire Coupland New Light Folk, Rock, Jazz CanCon
Little Misty Nowhere Land Folk CanCon
The Painters The Painters Rock CanCon

Please note: I am aware a few things are missing, like genre categories for a couple of albums, as well as CanCon tags for the first 20 albums I uploaded. I will try to fix these matters over time. Otherwise, though, I hope programmers might find something interesting in here to add to their programming!

If you want to hear some of the selections, check out the first Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

Slightest Clue – Suit Uptight
The Rural Alberta Advantage – Plague Dogs
Reversals – The Real Pretty Boy Floyd
The Deadbeat Jacks – Scary Truck
Fate Will Come – Time Stomps On
Steve Marriner – Coal Mine
Oakridge Ave – 66 Knots
Paul Manchin – King
Ponygirl – Age of Anxious
Johnathan Kawchuk – Athletes
Jakob Rehinger – Four Sorrows, IV. Ships Who Pass in Darkness
Orhan Demir – Ocean Blue
Canadian Brass – I Remember
Michael Vlatkovich – bob, the fish who discovered water
Sultans of String & Duke Richard – Our Mother the Earth
Alexanne – Another Friday night
Little Misty – Alma
Claire Coupland – Rain
Jane Matthew/Wood – Go
Sue Foley – Two Bit Texas Town
Garnet Betts – Ten Years From Tonight
Kharytia Bilash & Sean Sonier – I Need a Cat
Whitney K – Trans Oil Canada Boom Blues
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Coal Train Blues
Barry Rhomberg’s Random Access Trio – Vodka 7
The Duke Robillard Band – Eat Where You Slept Last Night
Sunsetter – The Whole World That Turns around Itself
Ryan Kennedy – See You There
The Folk – When I Go Away
Craig McNair – The Gods

3 thoughts on “Summary of New Music Added to LibreTime + The Horizon Broadening Hour #1”

  1. Don Janzen from the Radio Nowhere show. Great idea. Thanks.
    I like how you’ve pick a selection of the new tracks for your show but is there any way to easily list all of the tracks you’ve uploaded via a filter so I could sample everything you’ve uploaded? Maybe there’s a unique tag that could be used so I don’t have to type in tags manually for each song on our man list.

    1. Hi, Don, sorry for taking a while to respond. We don’t have anything like that in place at the moment, but the music committee meets on Saturday, so I will bring this matter forward. Cheers!

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