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CKMS Community Connections for 7 December 2020 with Kevin California and ABC Life Literacy Canada

Show Notes

Kevin California, outdoors
Kevin California

Kevin California

Bob Jonkman talks to Kevin California about his new EP Timeless.

The interview starts at 3m53s.


Timeless (Official Music Video)

Mack Rogers on Jitsi web conference
Mack Rogers
Katherine Arruda on Jitsi web conference
Katherine Arruda

Mack Rogers of ABC Life Literacy Canada and Katherine Arruda of the TD Bank

ABC Life Literacy Canada is A National Literacy Organization. Mack Rogers and Katherine Arruda talk to Bob Jonkman about November’s Financial Literacy Month program at Kitchener Public Library, and go over a few examples.

The interview starts at 37m04s



Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-12-07-episode070.mp3 (53.7 MB, 55m53s, episode 070)

Podcast Index

Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
0m44s Lover and Best Friend Kevin California (a Newton's Cradle with a heart where the second ball should be)Timeless
3m53s Kevin California’s origins in Waterloo and travels elsewhere, developing as a musician, using his degree in kinesiology, doing production work on his albums, credits to the staff working on Timeless, describing the Timeless video
18m17s Timeless Kevin California (a Newton's Cradle with a heart where the second ball should be)Timeless
22m23s More chatting with Kevin California: More album credits, how to shoot a music video, preparing footage for the next video and the next album. Introducing Currency.
34m07s Currency Kevin California (a Newton's Cradle with a heart where the second ball should be)Timeless
37m04s Bob Jonkman talks to Mack Rogers and Katherine Arruda. Mack explains Life Literacy Canada and National Literacy Month; moving the Money Matters program at Kitchener Public Library online. The goal is to raise people’ confidence with finance, how to save, how to take out a loan; making sure the program is accessible to everyone. Working with TD Bank experts to explain financial products, and to be an on-going contact for participants. Katherine explains the contents of the program, how people get signed up (through the library). Providing access to financial resources online. Katherine teaches Bob the basics of financial literacy – ask questions, review budgets, get companies to reduce their rates. Talking about investments and retirements. ABC Life Literace continues to do online learning with community groups, these are all free.
56m00s 2 Lane Blacktop Lies
and Bob gives the end credits and a plug for the 25 Hour Xmas Radiothon starting Thursday at 8pm.
Dan Walsh Dan Walsh | Virtusoso (Dan Walsh playing guitar)Virtusoso

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 7 December 2020

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