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AWH Takeover 6 Featuring Heidi Chan aka Bachelard

Radio Takeover 6 Featuring Heidi Chan aka Bachelard

In this episode of my radio take-over podcast I talk about a few great Facebook groups your should join if you are interested in Modular Synths. I talk about a discussion I had about the Mutable Instruments Rings into Beads and I have my kids and nephew create a patch at my daughters birthday party.

The featured solo artist is Heidi Chan aka Bachelard
Check out their bandcamp page and support their music and charities here:

Check out a cool video of them performing on Frequency Freaks Youtube channel here:
   • Bachelard at the …  

This episode was broadcast on CKMS 102.7FM Radio Waterloo: Original Air Date: Mar 18th 2023

AWH Radio Take-over #3 Featuring Andrew Ostler

Radio Take-over 3 featuring Andrew Ostler

I think that with this radio podcast I used the same photo as with radio take-over #2. I’m going to have to come up with a better method of documenting my patches. I can tell from listening though that Plaits is the main focus of this patch again and I’m playing with the harmony manually to give it that choppy glitched out sound. I believe at this point I dont have my Moog Mavis hooked up and the bassy parts are created by the Cre8audio Chips. There is a lot of gear talk in this episode. I have become fully addicted and I want to get some cool name brand modules….like the Disting MK4, but someone is selling the MK1 used so I will start there.

The featured solo artist is Andrew Ostler.

Check out his bandcamp page here:

This episode was broadcast on CKMS 102.7FM Radio Waterloo: Original Air Date: Jan 14 2023

AWH Takeover #5 Featuring Steve Castellano aka Electtronica Sperimentale

Radio Take-over 5 featuring Steve Castellano aka Elettronica Sperimentale

In this episode of my radio take-over podcast I just got a whole bunch of cool new modules: Pittsburgh Modular Giraffe, Intellijel Quad VCA, Expert Sleepers Disting MK1, Erica Synths Pico LFO/S&H, ADDAC Dual Filter and 4MS Row Power (not racked yet) I chat about these and try to quantize a random sample & hold in the background while talking about “The Modular Journey” that many people speak about.
The featured solo artist is Steve Castellano aka Elettronica Sperimentale. Check out his bandcamp page and support his music here:
Check out his Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@SteveCastellano
This episode was broadcast on CKMS 102.7FM Radio Waterloo: Original Air Date: Feb 25th 2023 https://www.youtube.com/@CKMS1027FMRadioWaterloo

AWH Take-Over #4 Featuring Coy Haste aka Brad Weber

Radio Take-over 4 featuring Coy Haste aka Brad Weber

In this episode of the AWH radio take over, I’ve got my Moog Mavis connected and a second NiftyCase connected with the NiftyEars and I’m still working on a new album live on the radio while talking Modular Gear and featuring solo artists. This episode’s artist is Brad Weber aka Coy Haste from many bands that I am a fan of. To hear more of his music go to the Coy Haste Bandcamp here: https://coyhaste.bandcamp.com/

Or Check your his Youtube page for Coy Haste and Pick A Piper here:
   / @pickapipercoyhaste  

This episode was aired on CKMS:
   / @ckms1027fmradiow…  

AWH Takeover #4 featuring Brad Weber

I have moved into the second dimension with my our Modular journey and incorporated a Moog which I am exploring but an very new with. This is also an entry level Moog – The Mavis. Still very cool.  In this episode I feature Coy Haste aka Brad Weber. A super cool musician originally from Waterloo, now TO. I’m not sure that he uses Eurorack but he does have a lot of weird tech that I dont know what it does other than making great music! Check it out in the podcast here:

Then check out www.mamradio.ca for more AWH takeovers.

Visit also: Coy Haste Bandcamp

AWH Take-Over with Cara Leigh

I took over the Mano A Mano show trying to create a little jam with my Eurorack to create new content for a forthcoming album. At the same time I decided to feature another solo artist Cara Leigh whom I worked with on Robot Apocalypse. If you are a huge fan of oscillators this is the podcast for you!

20 years Out of Focus

In 2002 Cyanide Kiss released their first demo CD. Created in a basement studio created with minimal effects and all running through a tape machine for playback/input separation. 20 years after this first music release Rob & Jeff McKenna combine solo audio projects Audio Boffins and All Weather haulage to create a combination track that can be heard at the Mano A Mano Bandcamp page.

Download Both albums free here:


CKMS COVIDFest July 23rd

July 23rd – At the Newly Named CKMS Youtube Page!

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CKMS Covidfest 128

Live Music Celebration

To become involved with our celebration please contact office@radiowaterloo.ca

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23 July 2020 – Live Stream to CKMS 102.7 FM radio airwaves & to YouTube page.

Special Mentions:

ASDF Robot Apocalypse Series

Here is the first of the Home Row Robot Apocalypse Series podcasts ASDF featuring all the bands of the skeleton track creators of the Robot Apocalypse project that started here at CKMS!

Episode 2: “The Water Bottle Mystery” #DJJEJ

This Past Tuesday we re-released Episode 2: The Water Bottle Mystery so that it would have a place here on the SoundFM website! Coming soon will be the SEASON 2 Trailer!!!!!!!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Episode 2 Artwork by DJ Steel:
Episode 2

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Audio Boffins
2) Said Dog
3) Cowlick
4) Obscure Disorder
5) Said The Whale
6) Bocce
7) Tom Green
8) Wolf Parade
9) Shout Out Out Out Out
10) In My Coma
11) The Gandharvas
12) All Weather Haulage
13) The Mark Inside
14) Gang Signs
15) Walk off the Earth


Episode 2: The Water Bottle Mystery

Episode 1: “The Server room” #DJJEJ

Tonight we re-released episode 0 and episode 1 of The Electrifying Adventure of DJ Jeff E Jeff. Episode 0 is just the set up for the series and episode 1 is the pilot episode. If you listen to episode 1 and find the editing slow….well so do we! Make sure to check out episode 2 because that is where things really pick up and don’t look back!

Anyways check out the episode 1 and episode 0 posts!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Music in order of appearance by:
1) 54-40

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Artwork by Fred Start:
Episode 1

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Godspeed you! Black Emperor
2) Mother Mother
3) All Weather Haulage
4) Canailles
6) Spoken Word by Marcus Green of “The Smokin’ Word”
7) The Organ Thieves
8) Kashoo
9) Poor Young Things
10) Limblifter

11) Bad Bad Not Good
12) Cyanide Kiss
13) The Unicorns

Episode 1: The Server Room (pilot episode)

The Wed-Dig Battle


In the lineage of “Down The Alley” parties, the ex-owner of “Down the Alley” threw a new party at a new secret location in the Waterloo area that was even more remarkable. Including the re-forming of a few local bands, a rave, food, drink, you name it….it was at Wed-Dig. DJ AdRock and I were lucky enough to be invited and so we had to battle out great tracks pertaining to this event.

Cyanide Kiss - "When I" live in Toronto