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AWH Radio Take-over #3 Featuring Andrew Ostler

I think that with this radio podcast I used the same photo as with radio take-over #2. I’m going to have to come up with a better method of documenting my patches. I can tell from listening though that Plaits is the main focus of this patch again and I’m playing with the harmony manually to give it that choppy glitched out sound. I believe at this point I dont have my Moog Mavis hooked up and the bassy parts are created by the Cre8audio Chips. There is a lot of gear talk in this episode. I have become fully addicted and I want to get some cool name brand modules….like the Disting MK4, but someone is selling the MK1 used so I will start there.

The featured solo artist is Andrew Ostler.

Check out his bandcamp page here:

This episode was broadcast on CKMS 102.7FM Radio Waterloo: Original Air Date: Jan 14 2023