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Andrea Munk & Malcolm Smith









Andrea Munk, originally from Toronto is a breast cancer survivor and the owner of Cedar Lily Bra Boutique @cedarlilybraboutique in Guelph, which is located inside a women’s clothing store, Yolanda’s Fashion Boutique.  Andrea shares her journey as a mother fighting Stage 3 breast cancer while staying focused on starting her own business. When Andrea first became a mother, she could not find the right bra no matter where she looked. So she came up with the idea of converting a regular bra into a nursing bra with easy-to-use magnetic clasps and began Simply Nursing Bras. Learning from the women that were coming to see her, she discovered that what they really needed was someone to help them find a comfortable bra that fit them well. So, that is when the idea of Cedar Lily Bra Boutique began. And, to be able to help more women, Andrea now does fittings for everyone and converts the bras into nursing bras and also mastectomy bras as needed.

Malcolm Smith is a letter-carrier delivering mail for Canada Post in Waterloo. At fifteen, in grade nine Malcolm was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He has been living with this very manageable disease for the past twelve and a half years. It taxes his life at specific times, especially the mornings, but he also believes it has taught him a lot. He never pursued a job in the Health & Fitness, a diploma he completed in 2012. After graduating and receiving regular work at Canada Post, he landed a permanent part-time position, which meant decent health benefits. He now uses the knowledge and training he learned from the program to help him. As a letter-carrier he now walks many kilometers, takes the stairs, walks up hills and the occasional dog chase gets his heart racing. He even ran the Harvest Half Marathon this month which is the first time running more than 10KM

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