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Actor Sara Topham on Coral FM speaks about playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at The Stratford Festival

Sara Topham as Juliet and Daniel Briere as Romeo in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Juliet’s like closing your eyes and falling backwards off a huge cliff into a big rolling ocean where you know, as long as you surrender, you will perhaps end up at the bottom of the ocean but the waves will bring you up again. You feel like the ocean is okay. It’s a safe place.” – Sara Topham

“Romeo and Juliet is a blessedly traditional Elizabethan vision thanks to sublime director Tim Carroll

Sara Topham’s Juliet is reminiscent of Olivia Hussey’s impassioned performance in the Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film classic.” –  Coral FM

Directed by Tim Carroll, (Peter Pan for Stratford Festival) Romeo and Juliet cast also includes Daniel Briere as Romeo, Tom McCamus as The Friar, Jonathan Goad as Mercutio, Kate Hennig as The Nurse, and Scott Wentworth as Lord Capulet. 

In Part 1 of this interview Sara chats about the thrill and challenge of playing Juliet, and playing this role with the Festival house lights up! This beloved Shakespearean character was Sara’s very first speaking role in a play at high school … so she has been “living with Juliet for a long time.”