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In a Coma, Vehicles Beyond, Lizard Tree, Still Life Fast Moving

Check out our weekend podcast above where our sub-theme was “Green” albums – to add as leaves on our #ConceptAlbum mosaic. We might record our podcasts this way moving forward….still experimenting! If you have a preference let us know:

Album:  In A Coma
Artist: Matthew Good
Year: 2005
Notes:  Probably one of Canada’s best musicians! Between the years of 1995-2005 Matt Good could do no wrong! Check it out here!

Album: Vehicles Boyond
Artist: Kitchens & Bathrooms
Year: 2003
Notes:  These guys were a fantastic band from Hamilton. I picked up this album years ago at one of their show before I ever knew about “Math Rock” I saw them perform a few times….great album. Might be hard to find! Check it out in the podcast above!

Album:  Lizard Tree
Artist: Green Tree Frogs
Year: 2018
Notes:  Enjoy a day at the lizard tree with the Green Tree frogs! You can download this album free here:

Album: Still Life Fast Moving
Artist: Mean Red Spiders
Year: 2003
Notes:  I found out about these guys when we played in Toronto. Possibly opened for this band. They were classified as alternative, shoegaze. I found them to be awesome! I have a few of their albums. In playing this album I found out they had released an album in 2014 that I’ve got to check out!

ASDF Robot Apocalypse Series

Here is the first of the Home Row Robot Apocalypse Series podcasts ASDF featuring all the bands of the skeleton track creators of the Robot Apocalypse project that started here at CKMS!

The Wed-Dig Battle


In the lineage of “Down The Alley” parties, the ex-owner of “Down the Alley” threw a new party at a new secret location in the Waterloo area that was even more remarkable. Including the re-forming of a few local bands, a rave, food, drink, you name it….it was at Wed-Dig. DJ AdRock and I were lucky enough to be invited and so we had to battle out great tracks pertaining to this event.