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Andrew Bass & Juneyt Yetkiner

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The fascinating story of clock-maker Andrew Bass. A retired mechanical engineer who previously owned his own company that he sold in 2012 started “Tempus” @tempus.making.time a business unlike anything he’s operated before. Bass, not sure yet if he’s making art or manufacturing a product, or a combination of both has made a total of seven clocks from external grade MDF and Baltic birch plywood for all of the mechanism parts, relying on his mathematics and mechanical engineering background. In an era of decreased life-cycles and product quality, Bass has become deeply invested in the revival of craft , handmade art and the making of time itself. To know more check out his website www.makingtime.ca

An artist, a musician and a passionate performer Juneyt Yetkiner @juneytyetkiner , from Istanbul, Turkey, Juneyt is a self-taught musician playing Nuevo-Flamenco guitar for 17 years. Juneyt has performed on many albums and at numerous festivals representing Canada. He has also played alongside & opened for well-known musicians throughout his career such as Alex Cuba, John Mcdermott, Liona Boyd, Doobie Brothers and Santana. Juneyt has composed music for two television documentaries, won the Records Readers Choice Awards 11 times 2011-2019, Toronto Independent Music Awards in 2017 & and Waterloo Arts Awards In 2019 to name a few and has been nominated for many awards both Nationally & Internationally. He has built an impressive career as a professional musician playing both locally and internationally. You find find schedules and information on Juneyt at www.juneyt.com

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