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Maria Brennan & Lindsay Ford










Maria Brennan spoke about her journey of becoming an Occupational Therapist at CBI Kitchener Victoria. Originally from St. John’s, NL and moved to Waterloo in February 2017, Maria describes her career and life journey as one that has taken her all over the map and ultimately away from home. She shared her knowledge and expertise on CONCUSSIONS and how it impacts lives. Maria loves what she does and looks forward to opportunities to share how she got to this point of helping people of all walks of life get back to living through her work at CBI.

Lindsay Ford @lindsaythinkfeeldecide is a parenting coach, certified in Positive Discipline, who helps struggling parents build cooperation in their young children and restore peace back into their home. She teaches parents to see the emotions under the misbehavior and identify effective strategies that fit their family. She helps parents overcome hitting, biting, tantrums, picky eating, not listening, struggles getting out the door or into bed, strong-willed temperaments, name calling, and anything causing conflict and tension. She shared some wonderful tips and ideas for back to school week. 

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