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CKMS Community Connections for 8 March 2021 – International Women’s Day

Show Notes

It’s International Women’s Day, so today we’re celebrating by featuring music by the women of Waterloo Region. Sadly, there’s only an hour of CCC so we couldn’t possibly squeeze in all the wonderful musicians in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and the townships. If you’ve got some music you’d like aired on Radio Waterloo then send an e-mail at office@radiowaterloo.ca and we’ll be happy to add it to our Digital Music Library. Full information is at How To Submit Music.


Download: ckms-community-connections-2021-03-08-episode080.mp3 (58.7 MB, 1h01m10s, episode 080)

Podcast Index

Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd
CKMS Community Connections
0m40s Your Enemy Allison Brown Allison Brown | Stitches and Incisions (illustration of a woman sitting on grass with a guitar)
Stitches and Incisions
5m31s Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbour
9m28s Die Alone Chelsey Danfield Chelsey Danfield | Cowboy (portrait of Chelsey Danfield surrounded by flowers)
12m27s Bell Bottom Jeans Chelsey Danfield (portrait of Chelsey Danfield in front of a glittery curtain)
At The Time
16m14s Softly Heather Janssen (image of Heather Janssen)
18m46s Softly Kiana Smith Shadowy images of Kiana
22m04s Dark Cloud Taylor Davison Dark Cloud (small image of moon surrounded by clouds)
25m21s Let You Go Let You Go (orange, purple, and blue striipes of paint with an orange dot)
29m08s Water Alysha Brilla Rooted (two hands decorated with henna holding a rose)
32m46s When You Wore A Tulip Janice Jo Lee Sing Hey | Janice Jo Lee (photo of Janice Jo Lee sitting on the floor)
Sing Hey
34m37s All The Time You Were Silent
39m55s I Remember Tamara Maddalen Tamara Madddalen | Mint Green Mercury (vintage photo of a mint green mercury automobile)
Mint Green Mercury
43m13s To The Trees To The Trees ToTheTreesEP (album cover)
To The Trees
46m03s All Your Black Colours Lara MacMillan Lara MacMillan (portrait of Lara MacMillan)
Lara MacMillan
48m52s Fourteen Days Elsa Jayne Elsa Jayne | Heart (portrait of Elsa Jayne wearing a hat)
52m32s Courage Courage My Love (superimposed photos of the heads of the band members, using kirby dots)
Courage My Love
56m00s COMPANY JoJo Worthington (JoJo Worthingon amonst leaves wrapped in ribbon)

CKMS Community Connections Hour One airs on CKMS-FM 102.7 on Monday from 11:00am to Noon, and Hour Two airs on Saturday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at office@radiowaterloo.ca or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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CKMS Community Connections for 13 May 2019 — Brian Doucet and Matt White

Some links for the Show Notes still to come!

On the CKMS Community Connections for Monday, 13 May 2019 Yenny Stronge and Bob Jonkman spoke with Brian Doucet, Canada Research Chair in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo in the first hour, then in the second hour with Matt White, the Artistic Director at Green Light Arts.

Show Notes

Brian Doucet
Brian Doucet

Brian Doucet

Brian Doucet is an Associate Professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo, and the Canada Research Chair in Cities. He came to talk to us about gentrification and the LRT, but our conversation wandered a little.

The interview with Brian starts at 14m00s.

  • 14m00s: Part One
  • 37m07s: Part Two

Matt White
Matt White

Matt White

Matt White is the Artistic Director for Green Light Arts, which is putting on the play Guarded Girls from now until 19 May 2019.

  • Tue. Wed 14, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Wed. May 15, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Thurs. May 16, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Fri. May 17, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Sat. May 18, 2019 | 2:00pm
  • Sat. May 18, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Sun. May 19, 2019 | 4:00pm

The Registry Theatre
122 Frederick St
Kitchener, ON

Tickets: https://greenlight-arts.eventastic.com/

The interview with Matt starts at 1h13m30s.

  • 1h13m30s: Part One
  • 1h34m40s: Part Two
  • 1h58m44s: Part Three

KW Peace Calendar

The KW Peace events list starts at 1h50m41s.



Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-05-13.mp3 (110 MiBytes, 2h00m48s)

Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at office@radiowaterloo.ca or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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Sing Hey! Love, Struggle, and Community with Janice Jo Lee

Download Audio::


Kitchener based artist Janice Jo Lee joins AW@L Radio in studio for a discussion on her new album Sing Hey and the cross Canada tour she is embarking on. Janice also shares her thoughts on building artistic communities and fostering healthy music scenes and we discuss some of the themes in her new album which cover a breadth of interconnected social justice issues.We also play several tracks from Sing Hey:1 – All the times you were silent, 2 – Rising, 3 – In the Breeze, 4 – Resilience From <a class="colorbox" …read more

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