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CKMS Community Connections for 7 March 2022: Music by Women

Show Notes

This is the week of the (B&W line drawing of three women, with pink flowers in the front centre woman's hair)U.N.’s International Women’s Day, and so we’re playing music by women in Waterloo Region and across Canada. New music and old music. Music that’s sad, music that’s happy; ballads and love songs; folk, country, rock, and pop.

If there are no breaking local news stories, this show will be repeated from 3pm-4pm on Friday, 11 March 2022.


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m44s Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father (3/4 reverse photo of Rose Brokenshire against a cloudy sky)
Rose Brokenshire
3m24s easier distant memory | amanda kind (profile of Amanda Kind wearing a white hat)
Amanda Kind
7m46s distant memory
11m29s Affliction Jacquie Drew | Lifelong Truth (Jacquie Drew sitting at a bar)
Lifelong Truth
Jacquie Drew
15m58s Contrition (I’m Sorry)
19m55s Stay Here I Will Stand | Tania Joy (portrait of Tania Joy on a dark background)
I Will Stand
Tania Joy
23m21s I Can Do That For You
26m57s Run to Your Mama A Better Place | Julie Crochetière (Julie Crochetière  walking down a road carrying a turquoise suitcase and wearing a turquoise dress)
A Better Place
Julie Crochetière
30m32s I’ve Got You The Lifers | Out And In (paper art depicting a mountain range under the sun with water in the foreground)
Out and In
The Lifers
32m57s Being Alone What's a Girl Gotta Do |  Sohayla Smith ( profile of Sohayla Smith sitting on the floor wearing a cowboy hat)
Sohayla Smith
38m22s What’s A Girl Gotta Do
41m53s Don’t Break My Heart Roxanne | Like Suga (Roxanne crouched on the floor)
46m27s Like Suga
51m45s Digital Dreams Digital Dreams (Melotika gestures towards the camera, cartoon illustration of an alien on the left)
54m39s Theme and Credits
55m40s Quantum Entanglement (painting of  turquoise disks floating in a multi-colour swirl)

CKMS Community Connections Hour One airs on CKMS-FM 102.7 on Monday from 11:00am to Noon, and Hour Two airs on Friday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at office@radiowaterloo.ca or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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