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CKMS Community Connections for 1 March 2021

Show Notes

At 11:00am CCC is back for another week but the studio remains closed until further notice, so here’s some more Canadian Content music: Some so new it hasn’t been released yet, some new just to me, and there’s some old favourites too. Follow the links to the artists — some are back to doing performances, so check them out and support your local musicians!


Music List

Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd
0m40s Nosebleed Suburban Rituals Suburban Rituals (closeup of two garden gnomes)
Suburban Rituals
2m59s Living The Dream
5m43s sunshine list Kitz Willman Kitz Willman | Royal Visit to Uranium City (solarized image of a woman wearing a headscarf)
Royal Visit to Uranium City
8m26s dust on the bookshelf
12m35s 3 AM Thug Shells Rainy Day EP (illustration of a woman sitting on a bed surrounded by ferrets)
Rainy Day EP
15m59s Not Alone
18m22s Lay down Jimmy Jory Kinjo and Vic Ruggiero Vic Ruggiero & Jory Kinjo | Vic & Jory Sing The Blues (picture of a foot wearing a boot stepping on a timbrel with books scattered around)
Jory and Vic Sing the Blues
21m08s Girl’s bad dream
23m53s That woman
27m13s Turn It On Ginger St. James (solarized image of Ginger St. James singing and holding a microphone)
29m30s Crazy Ginger St. James – The Trainwreck Two (Snowheel Slim plays guitar, Ginger St. James sits in a chair)
32m06s Jean petit qui danse Onion Honey Onion Honey | Homegrown (illusration of a banjo with roots amongst vegetables)
34m15s Buckeye Jim
35m57s Crawdad Hole
38m25s Happy Birthday Baby Jenn Grant REI | MAG | INE (letters superimposed over a fern leaf)
41m35s Chancellor Chancellor (text superimposed over a black and white headshot of Jenn Grant)
44m13s You’ll Do Anything (acoustic) Karyn Ellis (black and white headshot of Karyn Ellis wearing a hat with a veil)
More Than A Hero
47m19s More Than A Hero
50m21s Can’t Buy Time Madison Galloway Moon & Mercury | Madison Galloway (Op Art illustration of mushrooms and other things)
Moon & Mercury
54m40s Love’s Not a Game
58m40s always Kitz Willman Kitz Willman | Royal Visit to Uranium City (solarized image of a woman wearing a headscarf)
Royal Visit to Uranium City

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Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at office@radiowaterloo.ca or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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