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81 82 83 84

81 82 83 84 is a retro-alternative show focusing on music I loved when I was an undergrad and volunteered at CKMS in the early 1980’s. Music will be mostly New Wave, punk, ska, early goth. Some experimental stuff too, with the occasional more-mainstream tune mixed in.

81 82 83 84 airs on Saturday from 10:00pm to 11:00pm, with a replay on Wednesday from 11:00pm to Midnight.

Recent Episodes

81 82 83 84 Episode 048: What Are Words Worth? Words in papers, words in books Words on TV, words for crooks Words of comfort, words of peace Words to make the fighting cease Words to tell you what to do Words are working hard for you Eat your words but don’t go hungry Words have always nearly hung me
81 82 83 84 Episode 047: For Keith There’s a hole in the sky Where the sun don’t shine And a clock on the wall And it counts my time
81 82 83 84 Episode 046: Information … At Your Service … I’m sure you’ve got some Information But it looks as if I Have to prompt you I hope I don’t have to Twist your arm off!
81 82 83 84 Episode 045: No More Heroes You get nothing back for all you’ve saved Just eternity and a spacious grave
81 82 83 84 Episode 044: Cry for Love In searching for a meaningful embrace, sometimes my self-respect took second place  
81 82 83 84 Episode 043: Do You Believe in the Westworld? From the south on a wind in walked a cowboy The saloon was dry but his guns were well oiled Somehow he remembered when he kissed his wife And when he said goodbye But that was before the circus with the bear arrived
81 82 83 84 Episode 042: Crimes of Passion Kiss me … deadly … tonight.
81 82 83 84 Episode 041: Waiting for the Drugs to Take Hold Hiding from your questions, Questions you won’t ask. “Why am I up the tree?” you say, “Why are you down there?” I’m saying.
81 82 83 84 Episode 040: Is It Love? Here I am baby, come and take me.   The setlist for this show follows these great photos from local K-W 1980s concerts, retrieved from the University of Waterloo Library, Special Collections & Archives. From the K-W Record Photographic Negative Collection. Click on thumbnails to see full images! Teenage Head at Bingeman Park roller rink … Continue reading 81 82 83 84 Episode 040: Is It Love?
81 82 83 84 Episode 039: It’s Obvious How could she fall for a boy like that?

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