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CKMS Community Connections for 27 January 2023 with Matt Burdett

Show Notes

Matt Burdett sitting at the CKMS studio mic
Matt Burdett

Bob Jonkman talks to Matt Burdett of Lost Faculty about his new single, Muddy My Mind, the sound he’s trying to achieve, the songwriting process, the ins and outs of music publishing, and his upcoming gigs.

The interview starts at 2m58s.


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CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m29s Bob introduces Matt Burdett of Lost Faculty, and accidentally calls him Dave. Also introducing a new release, Muddy My Mind.
0m54s Muddy My Mind Muddy My Mind (a couple dances, a portion of the photo is overlaid with purple and red squares)
Matt Burdett
2m58s This is the debut release of Muddy My Mind! Matt comes from Hamilton, Ontario, playing at the Corktown Tavern, Casbah, the Doors Pub, Mills Hardware, and Bridgeworks. Matt just completed his Master’s degree in Sustainability Management at the University of Waterloo. Tonight he’s off to play at the release party for Muddy My Mind at the Coach & Lantern Pub in Ancaster. Matt brought his guitar to play some other tunes that he’s releasing over the next few months, starting with Pieces.
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Matt Burdett
11m36s Admiring Matt’s guitar, a graphite body with a maple neck. Matt’s a heavy-handed guitar player, that gets lots of volume out of the guitar. Pieces was the first song he wrote as a single piece. Matt cites Bob Dylan as an influence for this song. He didn’t have a title, until a woman in the bar called out “Call it Pieces!” Most songs come to Matt in pieces, not all in one shot. Matt likes writing both the music and the lyrics, being both McCartney and Lennon. Matt’s been performing as a solo act for only about five years. Matt’s going for the full band sound, working with Michael Keire at the Threshold Recording Studio in Hamilton, who has worked with big, guitar-driven bands, and gave Matt some pointers. Matt’s band on the recording of Muddy My Mind wasn’t his regular band, but a bunch of friends that played in The Bandicoots; three of them played on the track. Matt wants to play some venues in Toronto, and is looking to put together a show in Waterloo. Contact Matt if you can make it happen! Matt draws his songwriting influence from walking around downtown of the place he’s living. Matt introduces the next song, a preview of the next song he’s releasing.
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Matt Burdett
23m23s Any Other Name was recorded at the same time as Muddy My Mind, Bob is looking forward to hearing the band version as well. Matt writes chord charts, tabs out some guitar licks, passes this to the other musicians: Andrew Parkinson on drums, Nikolai Kozel on guitar, Justin Ross on bass and vocals. Matt says it’s nice to play with people who are better than you, it brings you up. In February 2021 Matt drove to BC, tells stories of winter driving. It took five days to get there, but took his time to get back. He was working in Gibsons, BC, working on his degree remotely. Made lots of friends there, got good ideas for poems and music. But it might take three years for him to turn his ideas into music. Matt uses phone memos to record his ideas, playing into the phone. Matt is concerned about digital material being unavailable in the future, the pervasiveness of phones and technology. Matt will play a sad song to take our minds off it. Matt introduces A Man Escapes, based on French film he studied in University.
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Matt Burdett
36m20s Matt’s songwriting includes combining two different narratives into one song, something he lifted from Phoebe Bridgers’s song Kyoto. One of the story lines in A Man Escapes came from Matt’s walk around the Hamilton Escarpment when he wasn’t having a particularly good day. The other came from driving along Highway 101, windows down, music blasting. Talking about developing finger picking skills. Matt’s been pushing his “band” sound, sometimes at the expense of songs like this, but there’s space for both kinds of sounds in the same project. Matt inventories his music room, it’s busy, it also has guitars from his parents. No drums, Matt prefers to leave that to the professionals. Does Matt have writer’s block? It comes and goes. Matt does most of his writing in the winter, and living life in the summer.
45m08s Bucket List CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a black centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
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Matt Burdett
48m07s Bucket List has its chord progressions from doo-wop chords from the 1950s. Matt has been getting pigeonholed as an acoustic singer-songwriter, now he’s playing with a pedal board for a full sound, and even brought in a drummer once. He took Lost Faculty as the project name. It’s even the name of the band, even though there’s not a set lineup for the band. The switch from “Matt Burdett” to “Lost Faculty” should be complete soon. Matt uses TuneCore to distribute his music. Matt has been trying to learn the ins and outs of royalties, streaming rights, publishing, licensing. It’s hard to understand, and not get taken advantage of. New CRTC regulations should make CanCon qualifications easier for Canadian songwriters. Matt has been getting gigs more frequently since the name change to Lost Faculty. He e-mails, networks with bands, meets people, sharing a bill with friends. Matt’s playing at the historic Horseshoe Tavern on Monday, 6 February 2023, got by a cold e-mail and a link to the music; he regularly plays at the Coach & Lantern Pub, a pub gig so he plays lots of covers and mixes a few originals in. That’s where he started playing the Open Mics, now he hosts the Open Mics! Other gigs at The Casbah and Doors Pub, and the release party tonight at 9:00pm at The Coach and Lantern. If you want Matt Burdett of Lost Faculty to play at your venue contact him at mattburdettmusic@gmail.com.
55m50s Matt Burdett plays us out while Bob gives the end credits.

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