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CKMS Community Connections for 4 December 2023: The CFUW December 6 vigil for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women with Margaret Walker and Fadhilah Balogun

Show Notes

Margaret Walker wearing headphones.
Margaret Walker
Fadhilah Balogun wearing headphones at a microphone.
Fadhilah Balogun

Bob Jonkman chats with Margaret Walker of CFUW and Fadhilah Balogun of African Women’s Alliance of Waterloo Region about the upcoming Vigil for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Margaret and Fadhilah also talk about gender-based violence, how it affects our communities, some available resources for women facing gender-based violence in Waterloo Region, how men can help as male allies. Margaret tells us about the books CFUW has published, and Fadhilah gives more background on the African Women’s Alliance of Waterloo Region.

The interview starts at 4m02s.

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CFUW Online:

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African Women’s Alliance of Waterloo Region:

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CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo | Join us for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women | December 6th (2023) vigil at | St. Columba Anglican Church | 256 Lincoln Road, Waterloo | By Grand River Transit: Bus 29 to Lincoln/Mayfield Stop 2793 | 5:30pm | Speakers and Music | Light snacks will be served | Realizing potential. For all women. (photo of a red rose and a candle on a black background; CFUW logo at the top).

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4m02s Fadhilah Balogun introduces the African Women’s Alliance of Waterloo Region. Margaret Walker tells us the reasons for having a vigil on 6 December, and explains what gender-based violence is. Fadhilah provides some statistics on gender-based violence. The pandemic has made the issue worse — the shelters and services were shut down, women could not leave, men were staying in the house as well so there was more stress in the home. Fadhilah explains that gender-based violence crosses across all demographics: culture and race, geographic location, economic status, &c. There are some women with the financial capacity to flee violence, but that’s mostly not the case.
16m29s Over You Lady Hayes | Over You (Shelley Hayes sitting on the trunk of a TransAm, "Over You" is the license plate)
Shelley Hayes
20m40s Margaret gives the details of the December 6th vigil. The main purpose is the remember the fourteen women. Bob can remember the name of the perpetrator, but does not know the names of the victims. Margaret says that’s common, but these days the press avoids naming the perpetrator. But Fadhilah says that the movie business still glamorizes violence and serial killers. After the victim remembrance there are speakers, including Fadhilah, Fran Pappert-Shannon of the KW Unity Mosque, and Sarah Casselman of the Sexual Assault Support Centre Waterloo Region. The vigil takes place in the sanctuary of St. Columba church. Margaret Walker is the priest at the church, so that provides her an “in”. The church provides support in a number of ways, including a food bank.
27m35s December 6th is the actual date, the 34th anniversary of the attack. It is now the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Margaret reminds us that it is not just a day of remembrance, but action. The action is coming to learn about the issue of violence against women, how the violence is affecting the communities, and how to deal with it. Fadhilah says that it’s important to put faces to the issue, which helps us take action. We can localize our actions; Toronto is not the same as Waterloo Region. Even in Waterloo Region there are different needs for the rural areas than the urban areas.
33m13s Margaret points out that we need to get more men involved, having male allies tell their male colleagues what is unacceptable behaviour. Men may be reluctant to speak to violent men, but there are programs in how to be an ally; for example, the Sexual Assault Support Centre has offered courses in Bystander Training. Margaret says allies can influence others in locker room talk, objecting to sexist jokes, &c. Fadhilah says that men tie that behaviour to their masculinity. That perception needs to be broken. Keep an eye on the Groups and Workshops” page on the Sexual Assault Support Centre‘s website.
39m11s Margaret has brought some books with her, Women of Waterloo County (now sold out, but available at the library), and a pair of other books, Proudly She Marched (two book covers by the CFUW on Canada's women in the armed forces) Proudly She Marched, two editions, one on the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, and the other on the Naval Service. These two books can be bought directly from the CFUW. The proceeds of that go towards funding scholarships for people in high schools, St. Louis Adult Learning centres, and local colleges and universities.
44m50s Forget You Avalon Stone looks over her shoulder at the camera.
Avalon Stone
48m05s Margaret recaps the time, location, and purpose for the December 6th vigil, and gives information about the CFUW and the advocacy they perform. Fadhilah gives some more background information on the African Women’s Alliance of Waterloo Region.
54m04s Bob gives the end credits.

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