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CKMS Community Connections for 3 April 2023 with Lily Braendle and Gabby Martindale of Browns Battle of the Bands

Show Notes

CKMS 102.7 FM and Beavertails Pastry | presents Browns Battle of the Bands | Maxwell's Concerts & Events | 05 April 2023 7:30pm Doors open at 7:00pm | Buy tickets at: https://bit.ly/brownsbattletickets | Matina's Gun (Country Rock) | Percocet Blonde (Rock) | 78 North (Rock) | Turning Corners (Rock) | Small Town Strip Club (Rock) | All proceeds go to Youth Creativity Fund
The Bands

The Organizations

Browns Battle of the Bands

Business & Education Partnership of Waterloo Region (illustration of two wayfinding signs, one blue pointing left above one green pointing right, both on a tilted post)
Business and Education Partnership of Waterloo Region (BEPWR)

The People

Lily Braendle

Gabby Martindale

Upcoming Events


Download: ckms-community-connections-2023-04-03-episode118.mp3 (51 MB, 55m09s, episode 118)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m47s Why Get Up? FOG | Why Get Up? (realistic charcoal on tinted paper portraits of four old men)
FOG Blues and Brass Band
4m35s Introducing Browns Battle of the Bands: Five awesome band performing rock, food to eat, cash bar, silent auction. Introducing the bands: Turning Corners, 78 North, Martina’s Gun, Percocet Blonde, and Small-Town Strip Club.
8m32s Lily and Gabby are in the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Conestoga College. This is one of their assignments, working with a third person, Tyson. Other class members are doing networking events, or pottery/painting fundraising. Gabby tells how the event unfolds: reaching out and networking. Lily and Gabby chose the music event assignment because they’re really into music. This may become a career, filling a niche.
12m09s How will this be evaluated? The goals are to generate publicity for the charity, to raise $1,000 (already surpassed). Funds are raised through Canada Helps and ticket sales, and a silent auction: gift cards, movie passes.
14m31s How does a band battle work? Each band has 30 minutes to play, with a changeover between bands. It’s a friendly competition, and the attendees will vote with a d igital voting system. The audience gets to choose!
15m30s Enid Turning Corners (a 45rpm spindle adapter with arrows turning a corner as the spring clips, with text wrapped around, white on a black background)
Turning Corners
19m24s The event is fundraising for the Business and Education Partnership of Waterloo Region (BEPWR), for local youth in elementary and high school. This will give students grants of $500 or $1000 to get their projects off the ground. This charity was chosen by the professors, who had worked with the organizer of BEPWR before. All student teams will be raising money for this charity. And working with these charities may provide opportunities for future careers in public relations.
23m41s Gabby and Lily give an overview of the public relations program: event planning, finance, media theory. It’s a four-year degree program, graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Pulic Relations. Gabby started at Western University in Political Science, but came back home to Waterloo to study Public Relations. Lily in in her second year of the Public Relations progam. The goal of PR is to bridge the gap between a company and their public. Bob sees an opportunity for some Public Relations for Radio Waterloo!
27m58s Toll Gate Blvd 42 Turning Corners (a 45rpm spindle adapter with arrows turning a corner as the spring clips, with text wrapped around, white on a black background)
Turning Corners
30m40s Gabby knows the members of Turning Corners! Everybody knows everybody? Getting to know Gabby and Lily, and learning more about the BPR program, and how they’ll apply their knowledge.
35m32s Talking about crisis management and public relations. Following up after the event, sending thank-you notes to people for participating, &c. Making presentations to summarize their event for the class.
38m11s Getting other media attention from those ‘big’ radio stations!
38m40s Long Gone Long Gone | Small Town Strip Club (view through a car's front window, showing a desert beside the road sign, the prominent rear-view mirror shows a small town streetscape with stores, a water tower, and a craggy mountain in the background, but the view in the mirror is upside-down)
Small-Town Strip Club
41m57s Gabby know the members of Small-Town Strip Club too! Lily and Gabby know people in all the bands! How are the bands selected? They’re donating their time, and hope to get the prize money to make their start. The “Browns” in Browns Battle of the Bands is Browns Restaurant, where Gabby works. How they selected the sponsors, and the venue, Maxwell’s Concerts and Events, who are also providing the technicians to run the event. There are no other event planning courses in the BPR program, but maybe Gabby and Lily will make it their passion project.
49m32s Why You Think I Call You Baby Small Town Strip-Club (faded letters and other indistinct text behind colour photo portraits of four men, but the two photos on the left are rotated 90° right and the two photos on the right are rotated 90° left)
Small-Town Strip Club
52m25s A quick review of the evening’s events, and Bob gives the end credits.

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