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CKMS News – 2020-10-19 – Land Back is Here to Stay

Host: Ivan Angelovski

Since June 21, 2020 a number of indigenous people, sick of Kitchener and Waterloo charging them large amounts of money to gather in their traditional places, having to get permits and seek permission to gather on their traditional land, occupied a part of Victoria Park in Kitchener, a land reclamation known as  “Land Back Camp” or O:se Kenhionhata:tie

They are demanding four things: to waive all fees for the Indigenous communities to host events in public spaces, to give back the land in Victoria Park and Waterloo Park, that the cities create paid positions at all levels for engaging with Indigenous Peoples, and that the cities create Indigenous Advisory Committees to address racial injustice.

A photo of Shawn Johnston and Amy Smoke wearing toques with the White tee-pee of O:se Kenhionhata:tie/Land back Camp in the background.
Shawn Johnston and Amy Smoke. Photo: Ivan Angelovski

After more than 17 weeks of protest, they managed to resolve the fees problem and on Monday October 19, the city of Kitchener will be voting on establishing a team dedicated to addressing social justice issues, including Indigenous initiatives.

But that’s not going to resolve all the problems Indigenous peoples face in Waterloo Region.

On this episode we speak with Amy Smoke and Shawn Johnston from the Land Back Camp. 

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The music was Blackroom by Moby, courtesy of mobygratis.com