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RFQ: CKMS-FM Studio Ventilation (283 Duke St. W. 114b, Kitchener, Ontario)

To: HVAC contractors

Request For Quote (RFQ20210719.v)

Our Kitchener studio is a unit in the former Boehmer Box Factory, unit 114B on the first floor off Breithaupt Street. The unit is approximately 400 square feet, divided into a reception area and studio control room, both approximately 15ft x 15ft. Both areas require ventilation and filtration for Covid-19 mitigation. The unit does not have any outside walls. The corridor from the studio to the outside door is approximately 50 ft. and there is a bulkhead over the outside door suitable for an air inlet. We have the cooperation and support of building management for this installation.

We would like a quote on the provision and installation of appropriate ventilation and filtration for both studio areas (reception and control room). We would like to receive two quotes, one for ventilation and filtration from the corridor, and one for ventilation and filtration with ductwork to supply outside air for ventilation.

Quotes should include an itemized list of the main components to be installed, labour costs, and taxes. Note that the lowest quote or any particular quote will not necessarily be the successful respondent.

If you need to evaluate the site there will be CKMS staff onsite on Monday, 26 July between 10am and 3pm. Please make an appointment with Bob Jonkman at bob@radiowaterloo.ca or 519-884-2567 menu option 6.

Please submit your response by by e-mail to bob@radiowaterloo.ca by 6pm on Wednesday, 28 July 2021. Responses will be evaluated and all respondents will be contacted on Friday, 30 July 2021. A purchase order will be sent to the successful respondent.

Thank you,

Bob Jonkman
Tech/Space Committee
CKMS-FM Radio Waterloo
519-884-2567 menu option 6

Download the PDF: RFQ – CKMS-FM Studio Ventilation (90 KBytes)