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AWH Take-over 9 Featuring Wax Mannequin & FREE COFFEE #3

In this episode of my radio take-over podcast I talk about how maybe the word “addiction” dealing with modular synth is not such a bad thing. modular synthesis is so cross-curricular it contains math, music, science, technology, etc. Maybe getting addicted to modular synth is something more people need.

The featured solo artist is one of my favourite non-eurorack artists Wax Mannequin. Check out their bandcamp page and support their music here: https://waxmannequin.bandcamp.com/


Here are the clues for you to find your FREE COFFEE it is at this location:

Right at the beginning of the video is a description of where this fantastic location is. I noticed one day as I was driving past this place that a running group sometimes uses the trail for some cross-country running.  If you have no idea where this might be, the first comment in this next video will help you to find the location using google:

Note: The Coffee Chip will be placed right “over the hill where the second trail splits” so, if you have found the location and have looked around and cant find it it could mean someone has already found it. There will be another coffee hidden with the final podcast post next weekend.

Good Luck!