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The Horizon Broadening Hour #26

B&W illustration of people dancing, but the front centre dancer is dressed in orange.
Keep Dancing!

Most of this week’s tracks were taken from CDs submitted to the radio station, digitized and uploaded to our LibreTime software by Mophead, your regular host. He’s busy with work, and will be back in May. And some tracks were uploaded by other show hosts. Thanx, Dan and Don!



Download: The-Horizon-Broadening-Hour-26.mp3 1h59m23s, 109 MBytes.

Music List

Time Title Artist Album Genre
0h00m Candle Tammy Huggan A blonde woman in a black dress playing guitar
– Single
Singer-Songwriter / CanCon
0h05m Promised Land FOGHAT The Foghat logo and album title superimposed over a graphic of a guitar and a starburst designSONIC MOJO Blues
0h08m She’s Dynamite Blues
0h12m Le moniteur sile Renonce Black and white needle-like shardsNuisance sonore Electronic / CanCon
0h14m Sweet Morning Air Calvin Swyers Sweet Morning Air | Calvin Swyers (An unmade bed in the middle of a field)Sweet Morning Air – Single Country / CanCon
0h19m Black and White Brad Rushing Black and White | Brad Rushing (black, white, and red letters on a Black and White – Single Rock
0h23m Rouge à lèvres Alix Fernz Bizou ( two mimes bending down to stare into the camera, on a bright pink border)Bizou Rock / CanCon
0h26m Crack de dent Rock / CanCon
0h30m L’étranglé Rock / CanCon
0h33m Get Right! John Orpheus Get Right! (two people standing in a stairwell)
funk, rnb, cancon, queercon
0h37m 06 Cages Strung Out Strung Out | Dead Rebellion (two skeleton robots holding a flag on a dias)Dead Rebellion Punk
0h40m Fold Stritz Detuned Synchronicities (a baby wearing a diaper laying on the beach)Detuned Synchronicities Rock / CanCon
0h43m Purple Stained Mess Rock / CanCon
0h46m Cream Soda Rock / CanCon
0h50m Taking The Fifth Jay Danley Jay Danley | Nova (illustration of a post-apocalyptic streetscape with a guitar and amp in the foreground)Nova Jazz / CanCon
0h55m JP’S Playground Jazz / CanCon
0h58m Let It Go Jazz / CanCon
1h05m Death be not Proud Omnivide Omnivide | A Tale of Fire (a person wielding a sword and holding a staff in a valley with dead trees and a burning castle in the background)A Tale of Fire Metal / CanCon
1h10m Childlike Empress Beams (a stag leaping out of a woman's torso)Requiem for a Planet Alternative / CanCon
1h14m Billy the Bronco River Honey A man wearing a white cap and holding a guitar in a wood-panelled room.Billy the Bronco – Single Alternative / CanCon
1h18m Flicker Salwa (A woman in a red dress walking through deep snow, a bare branch with only a few leaves is in the foreground)Flicker – Single Alternative / CanCon
1h22m Generals Die in Bed Funeral Lakes North American Martyrs (Redcoat soldiers marching to the right, superimposed are multiple lines of "North American Martyrs")North American Martyrs Alternative / CanCon
1h26m Eyes to the Sun (National Myth) Alternative / CanCon
1h30m Yesterday Motel Dave Teichroeb Dave Teichrob | Road Poets (Torso of a man wearing a black "Road Poets" T-shirt)Road Poets Rock / CanCon
1h34m Too Big to Fail Rock / CanCon
1h38m Your Monster Trina Chakrabarti (A woman wearing a sari and a steampunk helmet)Your Monster – Single Alternative / CanCon / KWCon
1h43m Calling A woman wearing an orange sweater standing under a willow tree)Calling – Single Alternative / CanCon / KWCon
1h46m Dreams Forgotten John Canning Yates The Quiet Portraits | John Canning Yates (a man standing on a tall rock at a craggy seashore)The Quiet Portraits Singer / Songwriter
1h50m Riches Singer / Songwriter
1h54m He Wants You Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Nick Cave | and the Bad Seeds | Nocturama (profile photo of Nick Cave)Nocturama Singer / Songwriter

The Horizon Broadening Hour is hosted by Mophead and Bob Jonkman, produced by Richard Giles (Music Committee Coordinator), and sponsored by Radio Waterloo. HBH airs on CKMS-FM every Sunday from 10:00pm to Midnight.