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Set Yourself on Fire & Transmission

Here is the full podcast from Sat Apr. 25th! Two great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Check out the albums here then go buy all these bands merch!

Album:  Set Yourself on Fire
Artist: Stars
Year: 2004
Notes: Another one of my favourite albums! Immediately transform yourself into a happy mood by listening to this amazing album from start to finish. With multi-vocals, amazing instrumental performances and super catchy songs there is never a dull moment on this album!

Album:  Transmission
Artist: The Tea Party
Year: 1997
As I was getting set to play this album I was wondering if it would translate over 20 years later. Back when it was released this was the most futuristic album. I was in awe at the integration of new music instruments and a old ethnic instruments and sounds. The result was pure genius! I’m happy to announce that this is still amazingness!

Check it out in the podcast above and then go support these two amazing CANADIAN bands!