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Comic Corner Episode 2: Canada Day

Hi Mano Amigos,

Here is our second installment of our “Comic Corner” or “Comic Book Corner” let us know if you have a better name at: manoamanoradio@soundfm.ca

Anyways, in this episode we talk about the newest issue of our favourite comic Captain Canuck along with our very own Comic “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff” and some news about the day. Check it out in our video/Radio/podcast:

Rock Cut Feature: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a band that is near and dear to our hearts. They are the one of the first bands that we featured on “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff”, our Audio Comic that features great Canadian Bands. As such, when we saw their new album ‘Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress’ we knew we had to release it on the same day that we closed out The Electrifying Adventures – Canada Day!

Sit back and enjoy this soundscape! Then go and pick up this album! You will not be disappointed!

S1 Episode 5: Detective J. Steel

This past Tuesday on “The Electrifying Session with DJ Jeff E JEff” we re-released Episode 5: Detective J. Steel while gearing up for the season 2 release. We also released the Season 2 promo that can be seen below. This is the first issue where DJ Steel is introduced into the story to help DJ AdRock figure out what is going on with his Mano A Mano co-host! This also brought Big Poppa Higgs in as the voice of DJ Steel.

Episode 5 Artwork by Fred Start:

Episode 5
Music in order of appearance by:
1) Mind of A Squid
2) Bella Clava
3) Fujahtive
4) K-OS
5) Falcon Punch
6) House of Velvet
7) Quarterback
8) Mise en Scene
9) Kid Koala
10) Yamantaka | Sonic Titan
11) The Tragically Hip
12) My Dad vs Your
13) New Wings
14) UBT
15) Matthew Good
16) Wax Mannequin
17) Bryan Adams

Episode 2: “The Water Bottle Mystery” #DJJEJ

This Past Tuesday we re-released Episode 2: The Water Bottle Mystery so that it would have a place here on the SoundFM website! Coming soon will be the SEASON 2 Trailer!!!!!!!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Episode 2 Artwork by DJ Steel:
Episode 2

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Audio Boffins
2) Said Dog
3) Cowlick
4) Obscure Disorder
5) Said The Whale
6) Bocce
7) Tom Green
8) Wolf Parade
9) Shout Out Out Out Out
10) In My Coma
11) The Gandharvas
12) All Weather Haulage
13) The Mark Inside
14) Gang Signs
15) Walk off the Earth


Episode 1: “The Server room” #DJJEJ

Tonight we re-released episode 0 and episode 1 of The Electrifying Adventure of DJ Jeff E Jeff. Episode 0 is just the set up for the series and episode 1 is the pilot episode. If you listen to episode 1 and find the editing slow….well so do we! Make sure to check out episode 2 because that is where things really pick up and don’t look back!

Anyways check out the episode 1 and episode 0 posts!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Music in order of appearance by:
1) 54-40

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Artwork by Fred Start:
Episode 1

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Godspeed you! Black Emperor
2) Mother Mother
3) All Weather Haulage
4) Canailles
6) Spoken Word by Marcus Green of “The Smokin’ Word”
7) The Organ Thieves
8) Kashoo
9) Poor Young Things
10) Limblifter

11) Bad Bad Not Good
12) Cyanide Kiss
13) The Unicorns

Support CKMS with these initiatives!

Coming up on February 28th CKMS is having a station fundraiser at the Button Factory with Live Acts that are TBA in the upcoming week (possibly on the Mano A Mano show) Just by attending a great show you are supporting the station but there is sure to be some great draws etc!

If online is more your thing…..you can support this station kickstarter that is a station promoter and you will also be supporting Canadian multi-media comic book history!

Click the image below to go to the kickstarter page!

The Great Digital Film Festival!

In order to get ready for the release of our
Audio Comic “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff” we were talking about all things comics including this awesome film festival happening in Waterloo January 30 – February 5th. It is the 6th annual Great Digital Film Festival and we gave away a few tickets on the air and still have only a few left.

Contact us
 for FREE tickets to this event!

While watching you can interact with film expert Richard Crouse using his twitter @RichardCrouse using #GDFF2015
(although cell phone use is strongly discouraged during the actually screenings)

Festival line-up includes:
– All day X-men franchise
– Darkman & Dick Tracy
– Blade Runner
– Kill Bill vol 1 & 2
– Alien
– Aliens
– Hellboy
– Pan’s Labrinth
– The Monster Squad
– The Rocketeer

Make sure to check out the showtimes here:



The Comic Book Battle

DJ Plan B, Gary Cain and DJ Adrock battle out great tracks based on various different comic books. If you missed the Gary Cain band interview make sure to check that out as well. And if you are into Comic books and Music….there is nothing better than “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff”

Canada Day @ UW (and Netflix Day)

Most people didn’t know this but, it wasn’t just Canada Day yesterday – It was also Netflix Day! We celebrated both early on Mano A Mano so that we could spend the day at The University of Waterloo’s Canada Day Celebration!

The above podcast was recorded at the underground Mano A Mano headquarters, which is why it sounds slightly different from our usual podcasts. This was done so that we could spend the entire day, into the night, at the UW Canada Day Celebration.

The Park Early in the Day
Free Canada Day Turbans

There was lots to do this year. We were especially excited to go because the musical groups were acts that we have featured on the show and/or are featured in The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff. To Start the day off we took the kiddies to the bouncy castles. They were great fun! We got there at 3:30 and there were no line ups. Tickets were a bit expensive: $2 for one “ride”. The “rides” lasted, at the very most, 30 seconds too. Toward the end of the day, these line-ups took about 20-30 minutes before getting your 30 seconds of fun. Even though this aspect of the Canada Day celebration was expensive there we a lot of free things and give-aways at Columbia Lake – one really cool thing that was put on was Canada Day Turbans.

People could go and get a free Turban in Canada Day colours!

The Water Boys

To Start things off on the Main Stage, “The Water Boys”, The University of Waterloo’s expert singing group took the stage. (The University of Waterloo is not known for their music program) They beat-boxed us through a compelling version of the fitting Green Day Song – 21 Guns, something else, and then an alternative version of “Oh Canada”. This set the stage for the TVO Kids content that was to follow.

Splash and Boots

My daughter was soooo excited to see “Princess P” From TVO Kids. Apparently she was the stage announcer. All she really did was read from a clip-board and introduce the acts but for some reason my daughter just loved it and I could not figure out why.

Splash and Boots (as seen in the photo) were great! They had all the kids engaged and were dancing and singing along. They took a little break for an Aboriginal Hoop dancing and Drum circle which was amazing! I was in such awe that I forgot to pull out my camera. I would have to say that, for me, this was the best show of the entire TVO Kids set. When they finished, Splash and Boots returned and got right back to where they left on – captivating the kids. Next they played a few commercials, where an Canadian Olympian, Heather Moyse, told us about how she was an Olympic medalist “but more importantly, (she was) a University of Waterloo Grad”. I believe she was implying that ALL UW Grads are more important than Olympic Medalists.

Born Ruffians

Next up the “Silly People” started showing off their stuff. I think that people were starting to get hot, thirsty and hungry because their stuff was cool but the Silly People kept telling the crowd “Its ok to clap” and “We must have shocked you all into silence”. Anyways, the constant patronizing got to be too much, so we left and tried some of the food trucks. I had heard of SWAT so I got a Sandwich With An Twist and it was great! We played some tag, got some freebies and then the HUGE monitors told us that the Mano A Mano past feature band Born Ruffians were going on! In True UW Federation of the Students fashion (the people who fought to stop funding to CKMS and tried to shut us down) the President of the UW Feds took the stage and introduced the Born Ruffians saying “I’m excited to hear what they sound like”. Obviously she booked them because of their stylish good looks. Born Ruffians sounded great, I hope that the president of the UW Feds was happy with what she was able to book. The only criticism I have of their set is that they dropped a few F-bombs with lots of children still around. But in their defense – why are kids allowed to be awake after 7pm, even on Canada Day?

Steven Page

The almost main event was Steven Page ex-Barenaked Lady. His set went back and forth between new stuff and Barenaked ladies classics. His new stuff was quite good! At one point after one of his originals, I thought “they should finish there, that was darn good”. But I was wrong. After that they performed Brian Wilson which elevated it even higher. The night was topped with a great firework display.

Overall I thought that it was a great Canada Day! I cannot fully compare to previous years because this is the first year that my kids have been old enough to stay at the park from 3:30 until 11:00. They had a great time – so I rate this Canada Day an overall success!