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CKMS Community Connections for 17 June 2019

There were no guests in the studio, so we have two solid hours of new Canadian Content music today.

Music List

  • 0h00m27s: Amsterdam Cypher instrumentalKriswontwo
  • 0h02m49s: Far Away instrumental — Kriswontwo
  • 0h06m20s: DTDT instrumental — Kriswontwo
  • 0h10m31s: LiesAmy Gabba and The Almost Famous
  • 0h13m16s: The Distance — Amy Gabba and The Almost Famous
  • 0h15m44s: Revolution — Amy Gabba and The Almost Famous
  • 0h18m29s: Turn It UpBree Taylor
  • 0h21m18s: Ginger Bread ManEl Sancho (Eric Carpenter)
  • 0h24m51s: Chud King Flow — El Sancho (Eric Carpenter)
  • 0h28m25s: Hush Mode — El Sancho (Eric Carpenter)
  • 0h31m56s: Simple Little Song (Hard Times)Jessa
  • 0h35m18s: FreedomLady Jay
  • 0h38m46s: JuiceboxLaika
  • 0h42m04s: What Makes YouPOLARITY
  • 0h46m41s: Lovers Rock Hall of FameStreet Pharmacy
  • 0h50m22s: Lightbulb – Official VideoTroy Kokol
  • 0h53m43s: Nothing’s Bothering MeJUST BECAUSE
  • 0h57m25s: Surfin’ bird — JUST BECAUSE
  • 1h00m30s: RelapseThe Contortionist
  • 1h06m40s: Return to Earth — The Contortionist
  • 1h12m36s: A Heart So HeavyThe Sun Harmonic
  • 1h16m22s: MistakesTitus Calderbank
  • 1h19m48s: Could Have Done Better — Titus Calderbank
  • 1h23m29s: RunningTobey Kai
  • 1h27m03s: Keep Coming BackTower of Dudes
  • 1h29m50s: I’m Offended — Tower of Dudes
  • 1h32m41s: Scary Monsters — Tower of Dudes
  • 1h38m03s: Old Man Writes Tunes — Tower of Dudes
  • 1h40m37s: Paranoid Delusions — Tower of Dudes
  • 1h43m37s: CatchingUp — Tower of Dudes
  • 1h46m56s: Metal is King — Tower of Dudes
  • 1h49m51s: Make A MoveTre Mission
  • 1h53m39s: Stone Cold HustleTye Dempsey
  • 1h56m39s: No Name instrumental — Kriswontwo


Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-06-17.mp3 (173 MiBytes, 1h59m58s)

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