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CKMS Community Connections for 15 May 2023 with guest host Czar

Show Notes

Czar (a person with long hair, glasses, and a yellow shirt, with headphones around her neck sitting at a microphone with mic flag "CKMS 102.7 FM")

Guest host Czar from St. Mary’s High School gives us a sample of Memphis Rap, and then plays some of her own music recorded as Stunt Double

Czar takes the mic at 0m50s.



Download: ckms-community-connections-2023-05-15-episode126-Guest-host-Czar.mp3 (49 MB, 53m54s, episode 126)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m27s Bob Jonkman introduces the show, and guest host Czar.
0m50s Czar introduces herself, then introduces “90s Memphis Rap”, a sub-genre of rap that has infused a lot of our modern music today.
1m35s Mystic Stylez "DJ Paul & Juicy J" | Three-6 Mafia | Mystic Stylez (photo of four people wearing hoodies and masks, text is in a "horror" typeface)
Three-6 Mafia
7m57s Czar makes a disclaimer: “All of these songs will have quite a bit of profanity in them.”
8m33s Introducing the next song.
10m00s All About Dat Cash Ten Wanted Men | Wanted: | Dead Or Alive | Produced by Tommy Wright III (Photo of a man in black suit lying down in a coffin in the lower right corner, surrounded by white text on black, rotated 90° clockwise on the left)
Ten Wanted Men
14m16s Czar gives some background info, and introduces the next track.
15m31s Crucify Crucify (white cursive letters, as though painted on glass; background is two people kissing, very close-up and out-of-focus)
18m48s Some more musical analysis, then Czar introduces the next track.
19m57s Finesse Demons Finesse Demons (a red demon behind a red flame with glowing airborne embers)
Jimmy Yitty
22m27s Rick Rick (white letters on an indistinct background, as from a closeup of a TV screen showing individual pixels)
CASTRO x Warhol SS
25m15s Czar summarizes the previous track.
25m38s Czar has brought in an SP-404MKII by Roland (a synthesizer / sampler), and tells us about her own music. David Lacalamita, the teacher at St. Mary’s High School gives a quick introduction of the device, and Czar runs down some of the capabilities.
28m05s Czar plays samples from the Roland SP-404MKII.
28m44s Czar explains what we’ve been listening to, and explains how she gets the sounds from the device.
30m26s Czar demonstrates playing a live demo.
31m40s More explanations on how the tracks are made, and Czar makes some more samples. You can hear more of Czar’s music as Stunt Double on most social media and music platforms.
35m57s A track that Czar created while on her way to her grandparents.
38m03s More information on the capabilities of the Roland SP-404MKII.
39m41s Dave Lacalamita wants to hear a song that’s already available, and Czar searches through her Spotify account and her Bandcamp account.
40m57s Sweet Tender Love (a purple circular object, possibly a surveillance camera)
Stunt Double
43m11s Czar tells us about her album Generichiphopfouldr, and introduces another track from it.
44m27s Eve (a purple circular object, possibly a surveillance camera)
Stunt Double
47m15s Stunt Double signs off…
48m24s Two unidentified tracks by Stunt Double play out to the end of the show.
52m52s Bob Jonkman gives the end credits. In-studio technical production today was by James Mattar. Special thanks to David Lacalamita and Anabela Tadic.

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Bonus Video

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for Monday 15 May 2023

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