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CKMS News – 2023-07-02 – Community Grieves after Three People Stabbed at the University of Waterloo

Listen: 2023-07-02 – Campus grieves for stabbing victims

By: M.P. Holmes

Twenty four hours after three people were stabbed in a classroom, the University of Waterloo and the wider community came together in two separate rallies to show solidarity and support . University President Vivek Goel and the Dean of Arts Sheila Ager offered support and encouraged those impacted by the event to seek counseling and focus on healing by taking a step back from work or studies if they felt the need to do so.

After the University’s gathering, another rally, organised at by students and community members, began at Hagey Hall. This gathering gave people an additional opportunity to speak on what happened, show support, and consider where to go from here.

Around 4pm on June 28th, Geovanny Villalba-Aleman, A 24-year-old former international student has been charged in the stabbings . Villalba-Aleman is charged with three counts of aggravated assault, four accounts of assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, and mischief under $5,000.

Community members have been vocal and quick to point out the lack of any notification from the WatSafe app, an app developed by the UW and intended to, among other things, inform community members about major campus emergencies.

This show features a variety of voices from those attending the events.

A crowd of folks with signs at the gathering in response the stabbings at UW. The signs read "All genders deserve safety", "Protect Trans Kids", "CIS is Not a Slur", "No More Shit", "We Deserve to feel safe", "misogyny is an Epidemic", "UC and UW Against Hate", and "This is why we need PRIDE".
After the University’s gathering, another rally began at Hagey Hall, which gave people an additional opportunity to speak on what happened, show support and consider where to go from here.
Photo: M.P. Holmes

The music on this show is called “Documentary Intro” by MUSIC4VIDEO courtesy of the Music for Video Library on YouTube.

This program is a part of the “Local Journalism Initiative” and is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, Heritage Canada, and the CKMS Newsroom.

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Mary Neil & Zdravko Gunjevic

mary zee long poster








Mary Neil is a singer, songwriter, community musician with a MA in Community Music, and founder of KW Junk Music
Mary makes music accessible to everyone, and encourages people to think about their sustainable practice by making instruments out of material diverted from landfills and recycling plants. Mary challenges people to wonder, “why do we have so much junk to make instruments out of?” and how we can make a difference in our lives toward a more sustainable future. As the 2019 City of Kitchener artist in residence, Mary’s residency project involves engaging with participants creating music that reflects the values and diversity of communities across the City of Kitchener. Mary is also working on an album of songs inspired by issues faced by the rapid growth in our community, communicating narratives of people with lived experience. Joining her perform live on air in studio was Jeff Cowell and Len McCarthy

Talking about his love for travelling, seeing and exploring new places is Zdravko Gunjevic, aka ‘Zee’.  Zee’s love to explore new places has led him to travel across Canada, around the US, Caribbean, Europe, down to Australia and China. North, South, East and West.  He likes to see it on a budget, experience cities and cultures like a local.  Zee talked about how he chooses to make it all happen and the tricks and tips of travelling.  He also suggested a few amazing websites that offer some great deals, listen to find out.

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MAM’s 4 weeks of Christmas CONTEST – Lake of Bays Brewing Company

Check out our Mounties band Christmas track above after we explain the contest and reveal our first winner Iulliana! Individuals sent us their movember pictures for the first week of the contest!

Our next give away draws will be:
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Contest Winner

Bring the Foo Fighters to Waterloo!?! + The Unicorns!!!!!

James Brown is/was trying to bring the Foo Fighters here to the illustrious Waterloo. I include “was” in my previous sentence because as I type this and visit his kickstart page it says (canceled). His Kickstart page that can still be found here (at least for now).

There are a few problems that I see with this whole situation….

1)The Foo Fighters need $350 000 to come to Waterloo! WHAT! That is quite the pay off for one night of rock. I have been working to get the Unicorns to come play in Waterloo just for the betterment of the city.

2) CANCON – I wonder if James Brown told the masses of Waterloo that a Canadian Classic band such as the Unicorns was opening for the Foo Fighters if it would have gotten more pledges. Although American music is great, I think that Canadians are waking up to the amazing Canadian culture that is right before them. We don’t have to pay the high prices to import culture anymore – WE HAVE IT!

3) What I think he thought would have happened (and still may) is that a big company like Blackberry or Manulife etc would jump on board and endorse the concert. Blackberry has brought in Huge bands in the past for its employees and has thrown some amazing concerts in the city.

Perhaps he can appeal to the creators of “Big Music Fest II” and get the Foo Fighters on that bill. But that is a rant for another time!

Our own plight: We have had some success with Canadian Indie bands to contact them and have them play concerts in the area but the Unicorns are difficult guys to reach. They broke up approx. 10 years ago and played a handful of shows this past August. If you are unfamiliar with their brand of music check out the podcast above! We have had our own radio campaign to have the Unicorns come and play here in Waterloo which is why I push for them to become the Foo Fighters openers! We also want the Unicorns on the Mano A Mano program (and I guess we would take members of the Foo Fighters too, but they have to work around the Unicorns busy schedule) Hopefully one day James Brown and MAM’s hopeful concerts can all be realized!